Players and fans exchange gifts


Fans' Santa goes on the giftpath…


A couple of weeks ago we asked Na`Vi fans a question on social networks: which present they would like to give to their favorite players for Christmas. The answer didn't disappoint us :) The list included claws, fire extinguisher, new teammates for Ukraine Dendi, and a bunch of  other brilliants ideas. We have chosen the funniest propositions, and turned them into real presents.  Then we gave all these gifts to the players and filmed their reaction. Of course, the players decided to prepare a proper answer for fans… And here the most interesting part begins. Well, you even can stop reading here and start watching (and winning) right now:


So where's my present?            


Don't panic... It's waiting for you. 35 lucky fans will get cool gaming devices: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Na`Vi Edition headsets, SteelSeries 9H Na`Vi Edition headsets, stunning SteelSeries Sensei RAW Na`Vi Edition mice and stylish SteelSeries QCK+ NA`VI splash edition mouse pads. Why have they chosen these presents? You'll understand this when you watch videos with players.


So, here's the plan:


  • watch 4 funny videos here
  • choose the present you wanna get
  • share the video with this present on a social network
  • add a phrase «I want this for Xmas!» with #navisanta hashtag


Don't forget about the hashtag, Santa won't be able to find you without it. The old good will help him to choose the winner. And even those guys who will not become the winners can get these devices for Christmas anyway, as their friends and family can pick them as Christmas gifts, having discovered on social media what exactly you want to get.


Anyway, you should watch these videos immediately. After all, where else can you see the Na`Vi guys wearing crab's claws?


Christmas spirit and presents are waiting:


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