Dreamhack Cluj: Autographs and stickers


On the eve of the last major of this year, another Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update has been presented. Its most exciting part is concerned with new team stickers and players' autographs, created specially for Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca. As usual, 50% of sticker sales will go to teams and players, so every fan will be able to show the support and love to their favorites as well as get the opportunity to win prizes.  


Na`Vi sticker and autographs are already on sale 


A new game


The Fantasy Team Game is another interesting feature of today's patch. The main task of the player is to gather the dream team out of tournament participants and determine the role of each of them. There are 5 roles to choose from: 


  • commando (kill-death difference);
  • clutch king (the number of kills in 1х2, 3, 4, 5 situations);
  • eco warrior (pistol frags);
  • entry fragger (initial kills in rounds);
  • sniper (the best AWPer).



The Fantasy Team Game pick example


The final result will fully depend on the points earned by the players throughout the tournament. Those players who will guess the most impactful out of them right, will receive special gold, silver or bronze pins as a reward.


Team Pick’Em Challenge


The update also features traditional Team Pick’Em Challenge, the game in which fans can try their luck and intuition by predicting the progress of teams and their results in groupstage and playoff matches. The lucky ones will get a chance to win two in-game trophies to decorate their Steam profiles. Apart from that, rare CS:GO сollection pins will also be sold at the tournament venue.



Collection pins will be sold at Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca venue


Map improvements


The last lines of the update description are dedicated to the improvements of de_mirage and de_train, namely fixes of bomb stuck bugs. Additionally, developers took heed to the complaints of some players and replaced the palm tree from behind the ticket kiosk near CT stairs on A-bombsite, which hindered the terrorists from seeing their rivals on this position well. 



The palm tree from behind the ticket kiosk has been replaced


We will cover all events of the upcoming CS:GO major, so stay tuned and read navi-gaming.com!

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