DH Stockholm: Valve's Major Decision


The organizers of the largest eSports festival DreamHack have announced their intention to hold a competition of Major-tournament scale. Now it's up to Valve to decide...


After a recent announcement of the tournaments series in 2016, DreamHack informed about its plans to create a new series of tournaments named DreamHack Masters, which won't be attached to a particular place. Stockholm was chosen as the first location for such tournaments. The city is ready to welcome the best teams of the world and over 10 000 viewers and provide a fine venue for the event! 


Will Stockholm become the venue city for the next major tournament?


The decision to entitle the series with Major-status is up to Valve now. So, we'll need to wait for Gabe Newell's answer. The answer will probably be positive, since the Swedes have necessary resources for organizing an event of such scale.


It was the capital of Sweden, where the offline qualifiers of DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca was held. For more information of the DH in Romania read the coverage on our website!


Source: www.hltv.org & esport.aftonbladet.se



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