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The first summer month is slowly ending. Some of you are enjoying vacation now. Some guys are passing their exams, perhaps, trying to get to college. People are leaving their burrows to get some summer sun and warm fresh air, so does our team forum with many new interesting topics created there. But let’s go through it seriatim.


First of all, we want to draw your attention to the new lots added at the “Lottery & Auction” Section.

Try your fortune to gain awesome prizes!



The rules are very simple:

  • Choose a lottery lot you like most (e.g., Na`Vi Weaselcrow)
  • Specify the quantity of tickets you want to buy in a “Buy ticket” field, and then press “BUY
  • The number of your coupon will be shown in “My tickets” field
  • Now all you have to do is to wait for the Final day of the lottery
  • If the random chooses you, we will contact you asap to deliver your prize!


Please, keep in mind that you need to have enough forum e-currency GOLD in order to participate in the lottery. Earning e-currency is easy. Create interesting and useful topics on the forum, help other users and participate in the discussions as much as possible.


Moreover, if you still do not posses Compendium and you do not want to participate in our Giveaway, go to the lottery section! You have an opportunity to participate in a raffle of the most wanted prize. If you do not trust your luck, do not want to wait so long and have enough forum e-currency, buy Compendium for 130 GOLD and obtain it at once.


Furthermore, we have added a lot of new items to our lottery. The raffle of these items will be finished in the beginning of July, therefore you still have a chance to earn money by participating in the forum life.


See, what we’ve got:



Gaming Equipment
Gaming Equipment Description Buyout Final date Ticket price Quantity Link

SteelSeries Kana


«SteelSeries Kana» Mouth is ideal when it comes to the precision and controllability. It performs equally good on any type of the surface and brings a pleasant feeling of comfort in a hand. Its movement speed and preciseness are astonishing. If you prefer to play Dota 2 and CS, «SteelSeries Kana» is your choice.  no 5 July image 1 See
Dota 2 Items
Item Description Buyout Final date Ticket price Quantity Link

Na'Vi's Weaselcrow


Engage Na`Vi.Weaselcrow to accompany you to your victory!  90 image 10 July image 4 See
TI4 Compendium
Interactive book providing a wide range of opportunities. Choose your favorite player and team, make your forecasts for the upcoming match, participate in fantasy league and obtain fine bonuses. 120 image 5 July image 4 See

Pennant Na`Vi

A renewed version of the Pennant. Let them all see which team you support!

50 image 5 July image 8 See
Trainings with Na`Vi players
Training with a player Description Buyout Final date Ticket price Quantity Link

Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko

1х1 match with on of the best CS:GO players - Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko. no 5 July image 1 See

Oleg "StraikoiD" Romanenkov

A joint game with Russian Federation Oleg "Straikoid" Romanenkov. Cross the battlefield side by side with your idol. no 10 July image 1 See



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TeeHee ツ
Gold 12 Respect 40
#1 hr TeeHee ツ 3 July 2014, 15:13
that's an awesome thing from you to do, respect!!

I'm a person from the section "if you do not trust your luck, redeem a lot" hahah and to let everyone know, IT WORKS.. they really contact you to deliver you your prize, it's not scam (like Na'Vi would scam you) ... just saying if there's people who doubt :))
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