Shop review #14


Meet the fresh review of Natus Vincere store. We're back after a short break we took to acquire new ingame items. And now we are ready to raffle them to all the visitors of our website. The first 5 slots are now available in the "Lottery & Auction" section. Any participant of the raffle can become their owner.


To participate in the raffle you need to earn imageGOLD by taking part in the life of the website and the forum. Create useful discussions and leave interesting comments. Use the earned currency to purchase tickets for the participation in the auction or various icons to adorn your profile. After the end of the raffle, the blind random will choose one ticket, the owner of which will receive the wanted prize. All the lucky-ones, who won the raffle, should contact Malkolnmgn via Skype to discuss the ways of item receipt.

Here's some data on the slots of the auction. Our brand courier Na`Vi Weaselcrow (Dota 2) and the sticker for the weapon with Na'Vi logo (CS:GO) for our most devoted fans. Make them all see the team you support! The price of the slots is only 3 image, that's why it will be very easy to buy a ticket for the participation in the auction.


Apart from that, on 9 March we'll raffle prizes much wanted by Dota 2 fans. These are the e-autograph of UkraineAlexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich and the card with a random code for a set of items from The International 2014. The tournament was over about half a year ago, so the prices for the items have grown substantially. Spend only image5  to test your luck.

The fans of World of Tanks will obtain opportunity to win the code for 3000 of gaming gold. This currency can buy you ammunition and help you to become even more dangerous rival in the battlefield. The price of the ticket is 5 image.


This is it. The next edition of the "Natus Vincere store review" will be on 2 March. If you have any questions, read the instruction below for the member of the auction or ask them in the comments below. We'll answer them for sure.


image GOLD is a forum currency which can be earned easily. All you need to do is to create useful topics on the forum, to help other users and actively participate in discussions.

Read below the instructions on how to use the auction:

  • Choose a lottery lot you like most (e.g., Na`Vi Weaselcrow)
  • Specify the quantity of tickets you want to buy in a “Buy ticket” field, and then press “BUY
  • The number of your coupon will be shown in “My tickets” field
  • Now all you have to do is to wait for the Final day of the lottery
  • If the random chooses you, we will contact you asap to deliver your prize!


slots (february-march)
Dota 2
Slot Description  Quantity  Final date Ticket price Link
Na`Vi's Weaselcrow
Engage Na`Vi's.Weaselcrow, to accompany you to your victory. 1 2 March See
Card from TI 2014
Contains a code for a random item from The International 2014. Test your luck! 1 9 March image See
XBOCT's autograph
E-autograph of Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich will adorn any Dota 2 item. 1 9 March See
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Item Description  Quantity of slots Final date Ticket price Link
Na`Vi Sticker
This sticker can be attached to any weapon of yours. 2 2 March image See
World Of Tanks
Item Description  Quantity of slots Final date Ticket price Link
Ingame gold
(3000 GOLD)
A code to gain 1000 gold in the game World Of Tanks. 1 2 March image See


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