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The summer is almost finished. People are discussing Natus Vincere squad trying to make predictions and being lost in conjectures. Almost every visitor intends to write the nicknames of those players, he wishes to see in the Organization. If others agree with his opinion, he receives   GOLD from them.

Note: image GOLD is a forum currency which can be earned easily. All you need to do is to create useful topics on the forum, to help other users and actively participate in discussions.


The quantity of the prizes you can obtain in our forum's section Lottery and Auction has substantially increased over the summer. Trust us there are lots of things worth your attention! You can win e-autographs of Dota 2 players (XBOCTKuroky, Funn1k). The price of a slot is only  4 , a sum you can earn easily. Participate in the life of forum, create interesting topics. The autographs will be raffled soon - on 23 of August.


You can become a happy owner of a cooler prize - Neon Abyss t-shirt from The International 2014 Secret Shop on 1 of September. The price of a participation ticket is 6 .

There's even more! Today we'll add to the shop a couple of new slots you might be interested in. These will be the slots for the fans of Dota 2: our courier Na`Vi Weaselcrow, that will deliver your items in time, and the character set for the hero Pudge - Gladiator's Revenge. This set was distributed along with a ticket to the second season of D2CL, and if you haven't acquired it yet, this is your chance to do it.


We also have awesome news for the fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. From now on you can participate in a raffle of the so-wanted keys to weapon cases. First, we've added two keys. The price of a slot is 2 . The names of the winners will become known next week.


Instructions on how to use the auction:


  • Choose a lottery lot you like most (e.g., Na`Vi Weaselcrow)
  • Specify the quantity of tickets you want to buy in a “Buy ticket” field, and then press “BUY
  • The number of your coupon will be shown in “My tickets” field
  • Now all you have to do is to wait for the Final day of the lottery
  • If the random chooses you, we will contact you asap to deliver your prize!


Check out to see how Lottery and Auction looks like now. See the short summary on the slots below.


Slots (August-September)
Dota 2 items
Item Discription Final date Ticket price Link
Na`Vi's Weaselcrow
Engage Na`Vi's.Weaselcrow, to accompany you to your victory. 21 August See
Gladiator's Revenge
(character set)
One of the most powerful character sets for the hero Pudge. 21 August See
Autograph Funn1k
E-autograph of Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov will adorn any Dota 2 item. 23 August image See
Autograph Kuroky
E-autograph of Kuro "KuroKy"  Salehi Takhasomi will adorn any Dota 2 item. 23 August image See
Autograph XBOCT
E-autograph of Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich will adorn any Dota 2 item. 23 August image See
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Slot Description Final date Ticket price Link

Key to case

A key to a weapon case. The rarity of an item depends on your luck. 23 August image See
Item Description Final date Ticket price Link

Enigma T-shirt
(Neon Abyss)

Cool T-short from The International 2014 will become a pleasant gift to any player. 1 September image See


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TeeHee ツ
Gold 12 Respect 40
#1 hr TeeHee ツ 15 August 2014, 20:31
that is all great.. but I'd suggest you to remove the spammers from this site... because lately it is hard to get gold for (e.g.) the most popular post on the forum or activity... a lot of people post ad topics and into other topics some ads about movies (and/or inks)... and they do it like 200 times.. so the forum looks like a big ad instead of a forum where people actually discuss things about navi, dota or cs or anything related to it.

i'm not really into gold so much (although i'd like to get it so i could participate in those raffles) , i'd rather be able to discuss with other people about things related to navi, dota or cs, whatever...
User Deleted
#2 16 August 2014, 08:28
This comment was deleted.
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