Shop review #6


Summer has gone... Some of you have managed to achieve all the goals, while somebody hasn't. There's one thing we know for sure - many of us had a vacation to restore force. The youngest fans of Natus Vincere had the longest holidays, while others have been working for the whole summer.


We've been trying hard to amuse you with exciting raffles of valued prizes in our "Auction & Lottery" section this summer. There's been a reduction of Forum visitors for obvious reasons, therefore we reduced the quantity of slots. But don't be sad. Collect GOLD as we will still raffle interesting prizes in the end of each month.

Note: image GOLD is a forum currency which can be earned easily. All you need to do is to create useful topics on the forum, to help other users and actively participate in discussions.


Let's proceed to the results of the raffle of the last week of august. The T-Shirt with the image of Enigma "Neon Abyss" was the most enticing slot. The battle for this piece of closing was epic with many participation tickets bought and with the users counting minuets before the announcement of the winner.


So the happy guy to wear this T-shirt is Ukrainedurblnda. Having decided to test his luck he didn't bought an enormous quantity of tickets. As we see his luck has passed the test successfully.


A Filipino user  Philippinesedrilordz enjoyed unique and exceptional luck in the raffle of Dota 2 items. He was chosen 3 times, bringing him 3 prizes: Na'Vi pennant, Na'Vi QoP set and the courier Snelfret the Snail.


We have also raffled 2 keys for weapon cases of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The winners of the auction are Russian Federationk3zany and InternationalSNova96 respectively. We hope that you will get rare and wanted weapons from the cases you open with these keys.

Full list of the luck ones:


  • Philippinesedrilordz - Na'Vi pennant, Na'Vi QoP set and the courier Snelfret the Snail
  • Ukrainesanter - pennant Na`Vi;
  • Russian Federationk3zany - keys of CS:GO case;
  • InternationalSNova96 - keys of CS:GO case;
  • Ukrainedurblnda - "Neon Abyss" T-Shirt.


As we've mentioned above, we decided to reduce the list of raffled items this week. It is rather humble: out branded courier, the set "Bonds of Vincere" and a couple of keys for CS:GO. Do not forget about the autograph of Ukraine Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov, which will be raffled on 15 September.


That's it! Good luck! Meet you soon.


Read below the instructions on how to use the auction:


  • Choose a lottery lot you like most (e.g., Na`Vi Weaselcrow)
  • Specify the quantity of tickets you want to buy in a “Buy ticket” field, and then press “BUY
  • The number of your coupon will be shown in “My tickets” field
  • Now all you have to do is to wait for the Final day of the lottery
  • If the random chooses you, we will contact you asap to deliver your prize!


Slots (August-September)
Dota 2 items
Item Description  Quantity of slots Final date Ticket price Link
Na`Vi's Weaselcrow
Engage Na`Vi's.Weaselcrow, to accompany you to your victory. 1 11 September See
Bonds of Vincere
Contains all items of the set «Bonds of Vincere» for Queen of Pain. 1 11 September See
Autograph Funn1k
E-autograph of Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov will adorn any Dota 2 item. 1 15 September See
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Item Description  Quantity of slots Final date Ticket price Link

Weapon case key

This key opens a weapon case of the "Breakout" operation. The rarity of the item depends on your luck. 2 11 September image See



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