Shop review #9


After a short pause we continue to raffle numerous slots at our Auction. In order to see the slots go to the "Shop" section of our  forum and press "Auction & Lottery" button on your left. You'll get to the webpage with lots of prizes, we add each week to raffle among the visitors of our forum.


We've taken into account your requests and added Natus Vincere stickers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We've also introduced a new option providing you a possibility to buy out some of the items. This option is made for those who have eough GOLD and prefer not to test their luck. Just remember that such slots are bought out quite fast.


For instance, a couple of days ago a number of items, which can be bought out, were added to the auction, namely 2 keys of CS:GO cases and Na`Vi branded courier. Ukraine k0ssUkraineImagine andUkraineeMVeeS have already bought these items. 


Additionaly, exceptionally valuable items will be added to the auction on a regular basis. This time we've added an e-autoraph of Russian FederationVanskor to be granted to the lucky winner on 30 October.


As concerns obtaining the prize, you've got 2 options. You can either wait for a message on the forum, or contact Malkolnmgn directly via Skype, the second option being more convenient.


See below a short guideline on how to use the auction, and learn more about our forum currency - GOLD. We wish you good luck this week. Meet you on 23 October!


Note: image GOLD is a forum currency which can be earned easily. All you need to do is to create useful topics on the forum, to help other users and actively participate in discussions.

Read below the instructions on how to use the auction:


  • Choose a lottery lot you like most (e.g., Na`Vi Weaselcrow)
  • Specify the quantity of tickets you want to buy in a “Buy ticket” field, and then press “BUY
  • The number of your coupon will be shown in “My tickets” field
  • Now all you have to do is to wait for the Final day of the lottery
  • If the random chooses you, we will contact you asap to deliver your prize!


Slots (october)
Dota 2 items
Item Description  Quantity of slots Final date Ticket price Link
Na`Vi's Weaselcrow
Engage Na`Vi's.Weaselcrow, to accompany you to your victory. 1 23 October See
Bonds of Vincere
Contains all items of the set «Bonds of Vincere» for Queen of Pain. 1 23 October See
Incantations of Hell
Contains all items of the set «Incantations of Hell» for Doom. 1 23 October See
Ancient Cultist
Contains all items of the set «Ancient Cultist» for Void. 1 30 October See
Autograph Vanskor
E-autograph of Ivan "Vanskor" Skorohod will adorn any Dota 2 item. 1 30 October See
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Item Description  Quantity of slots Final date Ticket price Link

Weapon case key

This key opens a weapon case of the "Breakout" operation. The rarity of the item depends on your luck. 2 2 October image See
Na`Vi Sticker
This sticker can be attached to any wepon of yours. 2 23 October image See


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#1 ph edrilordz 16 October 2014, 13:58
hoping my tickets will be picked ^_^
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#2 ph edrilordz 16 October 2014, 13:58
thanks NaVi!!!
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