Obligation #7 - XBOCT's challenge



The time has come to announce the seventh obligation related to the Redemption vote at The Summit 3. We'd been analyzing your comments to the matches for a long time until finally we came to the conclusion that the player of our team - UkraineAlexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich had begun to die too often. This is unacceptable for his gaming role of carry. The former "four" has gone with the wind, it's time to regain the former level!


In order to solve this problem we have designed new methods of trainings for Alexander. Dota 2  community hasn't seen such methods before. Specially for you we will unveil the mystery just a bit and tell you what UkraineXBOCT will undergo in case the team goes to The Summit. We are pretty sure that such way of training will prove to be exceptionally effective and thus it will be used to improve the performance of many users.


Are you intrigued? Play the video now!


Obligation # 7


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#1 ph AkeeLees 18 April 2015, 13:25
we still love 4!
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