Knocking on The Summit's door


The time has come to fulfill the eighth obligation we gave to the fans, who support us in Redemption vote. Its format is a movie. Meet the new creation of UkraineNatus Vincere in cooperation with Bad Playa "Knock-knock-knocking on The Summits door".


Bad Playa is a naughty project highly popular in Russian-speaking Dota 2 community. It is made by one inspired individual, who adores movies almost as much as Dota 2. His videos are bright and fun, as they provide us an opportunity to look at the scenes of our favorite movies from a different angle. Bad Playa joined our Election Campaign in order to assist Na`Vi in getting to The Summit 3. We express our deep gratitude for doing it.


Today we unveil the mystery just a bit, and tell you about the new obligations, which remained in secret before. You couldn't even imagine what our players are capable of in case they go to The Summit 3. Well, see it with your own eyes.



Knock-knock-knocking on The Summits door

Help Na`Vi to get to The Summit 3:


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#1 ph AkeeLees 19 April 2015, 04:47
wow delivering your promises wp!
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#2 id syahrezzy 19 April 2015, 12:03
Daniel u driving Cool :D
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