The Summit 3: Summary


This night the tournament, widely known by its unusual organization, namely The Summit 3 was over. Eight teams were fighting over the prize pool of over $ 271 000 during four days. Let's summarize the American championship. Most teams got to the tournament through the regional qualifiers, except for ChinaVici Gaming, which was invited as the winners of the previous Summit, and ChinaInvictus Gaming, which won the Redemption VoteUkraineNatus Vincere could've gone to the tournament, but it lacked votes in the final voting.


Group stage:

The result of the group stage was no surprize. The outsiders of the tournament, Philippine Philippines Rave and Peruvian Peru Not Today took the last places of the groups. Perhaps, Peru Smash and his players chose the wrong name for their project. As a result both teams didn't win any game and were the first to leave the tournament. Apart from abovementioned participants International Cloud9 leaded be Canada EternaLEnVy didn't manage to get to the play off. They took third place in group A, defeated by the winners of the first The Summit — United States Evil Geniuses. Meanwhile the Chinese teams China LGD Gaming and China Invictus Gaming encountered in the fight over the second place of group B. As a result China IG were defeated, and their rivals got to the play off. This result might've been unexpected to some viewers, since the winners of The International 2012 is a more titled team.


After the recent Dota 2 update to 6.84 version, the games have become faster. They don't require long-term farm. Three best-of-3-matches of group A, which longed 135 minutes in total, proved it. Did it benefit the game? Or did it brought confusion to the encounters? What do you think?


# Team G V L
1. InternationalTeam Secret 2 2 0
2. ChinaLGD Gaming 3 2 1
3. ChinaInvictus Gaming 3 1 2
4. PeruNot Today 2 0 2
Group A
# Team G V L
1. ChinaVici Gaming 2 2 0
2. United StatesEvil Geniuses 3 2 1
3. InternationalCloud9 3 1 2
4. PhilippinesRave 2 0 2


Group stage moments:


The fastest series of three best-of-3 matches


EternaLEnVy shows his level of performance of Naga Siren


Small compilation of fails on Magnus by EG Sumail

Play off stage:

Unfortunately the final part was no surprize either. China LGD Gaming was defeated by China Vici Gaming 0:2. They didn't seem to have any chances and it was natural as in accordance to Gosugamers, China VG is the best Chinese team at the moment. Meanwhile International Team Secret revenged on their rival team from America and sent the "evil geniuses" to the losers brackets.

The first team to leave the final stage was ChinaLGD Gaming. It couldn't oppose United States EG, and went home with a fair prize. A short yet bright series of best-of-3 matches was played in the semifinal. All the matches didn't long more than 30 minutes, which is due to the new patch. Is it good or not? Having lost the first game, International Team Secret managed to gather their strengths and win 2 matches, which enabled them to enter the final battle and sent ChinaVG to fight against United States Evil Geniuses  in the losers' finals. The latter managed to show their superiority and defeat the Chinese 2:1.

The final turned out to be confused and too fast. It reminded the final match of The International 4. The first two games resulted in a draw. However, United States Evil Geniuses decided to change their picks. For instance they picked Shadow Demon in the third game, which was useless. They also took Lone Druid, which actually accelerated their defeat. As a result the "GGWP' occurred on the 14th minute.  Is it a worthy final? It is up to you to decide. Did you like the tournament on the whole


Upper brackets final
Grand Final
2 ChinaVici Gaming
1ChinaVici Gaming
3InternationalTeam Secret
WinInternationalTeam Secret
0 ChinaLGD Gaming
2 InternationalTeam Secret
2InternationalTeam Secret
0 United StatesEvil Geniuses
 First round of the lower brackets 
Lower brackets final
1ChinaVici Gaming
1United StatesEvil Geniuses
0ChinaLGD Gaming
2United StatesEvil Geniuses
2United StatesEvil Geniuses


Moments of the final stage:


1 hp savior and Shackeshot over the whole map. What can be better?


Splendid performance by KuroKy at Witch Doctor


Great performance of Clockwerk by Zai


Why would you need Ravage, when there's Lion?


Grand final's best moments


Informal environment

But for its unique home atmosphere, The Summit wouldn't have been so special. The players having fun in the photos below don't seem to be rivals at all.


Caster Synderen lies on a sofa, leaving no space beside him to others


Arteezy is apparently very pleased by the tournament


Chuan is a very interesting co-caster


Captains flock together


Russian-speaking casters and analysts


Dino on the road!


Traditional interview in a bathtub. Last year the official channel of the tournament was banned for a while due to the bathtub interview . 


EternaLEnVy and Hotbid in the bathtub


BTS recorded an unusual movie in response to the criticism of  excessive advertisement


Disruptor cosplay by SirActionSlacks


A nice song by Fwosh as uofficial tournament's anthem


Summing up, The Summit was great. The games were interesting, the players and the teams were strong, and there were lots of spectacular moments. The tournament's home environment made it even more awesome and great. We can seldom see the casters joking on a coach, discussing the games, and players sitting next to them playing games for fun. We hope that The Summit won't lose its charm, and we'll see Natus Vincere there the next season! 

Prize pool:

top 1 place — InternationalTeam Secret — $ 115 466

top 2 place — United StatesEvil Geniuses — $ 61 129

top 3 place — ChinaVici Gaming — $ 35 319

top 4 place — ChinaLGD Gaming — $ 27 169

top 5-6 places — InternationalCloud9 /ChinaInvictus Gaming — $ 9 509 each

top 7-8 places — PhilippinesRave / PeruNot Today — $ 6 792 each


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