The Summit 5 & 6 Announced

In a joke filled YouTube video, United States Dakota "KotLGuy" Cox announced there will be a Summit 5 & 6 for next year. The 5th Summit will take place between July 13th and the 17th, and Summit 6 will be held in December between the 7th and the 11th. The video jokingly mentions the tournament encompassing such riveting competition as Mahjong tournaments, Sports, and “Punching Rob” that may or may not happen. However, the G2A sponsored tournament will most assuredly feature excellent Dota 2 action in a relaxed setting.
The 4th Summit featured six teams that qualified for the event, and two teams that were invited to it. From the qualifiers came one team from the NA, EU, and SEA regions, as well as two teams from China.  These eight teams spent five days in sunny Los Angeles, California to compete for the $113,128 prize pool. From the very first Summit till the most recent one the prize pool, and prize pool distribution has differed greatly.  Over the months leading up to the recently announced Summit tournaments, the prize pool will grow based on 25% of Dota 2 in game purchases.
During The Summit tournaments the teams live, and competed in a gaming house together. The atmosphere of the whole affair is relaxed compared to the high stress environment of larger tournaments. With so much intense Dota 2 action coming in the 2016, it’s good to know the Summit will return next year to deliver an easygoing competitive environment for the players.
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