Fury'S Venture - new set for Sven


We presented you a new set for Leshrac (Leshrac Attacks) about a week ago. Today we are glad to share with you a new set of items developed in cooperation with DNADota. This time we worked for Sven, as no significant new sets have been created for this hero lately.


Our new set has been named "Fury's Venture". Equipped with new items, your hero will look horrifying and bring panic to the battlefield. Prove everybody that it is you who they must fear! Destroy your enemies for the good of Natus Vincere!





We ask you to vote for this set so that it could be added in the game. Follow the link. Apart from this don't forget to start following DNADota in social networks (Facebook и Steam). Be the first to know about upcoming sets and to share this information with others.


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#1 ph edrilordz 16 January 2015, 06:39
nice!!!... good luck!!! giff me when this set will be added into the game ^_^

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