Symbolic team of TI 2015


Many new Dota 2 stars were discovered at The International 2015. The unexpected finalist China CDEC Gaming and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix, who kicked out the former champions, are among them. We decided to analyze the tournament and determine the best players at each position.


We based upon the game stats, provided by statistics website Perhaps, you think there are more worthy candidates for a symbolic team of The International 2015. Write your opinion in the comments!




China Yao “Maybe” Lu

China LGD Gaming

Age: 19


There are several worthy candidates for this position, but it is talented China LGD player is the leader of the list. Thanks to China Maybe and his confident and mature play, the Chinese team managed to achieve such good result at the tournament. Moreover, China Lu Yao has the best average KDA stats among mid-players — 8.2, and GPM — 578.
The secret of his outstanding performance as midder is quite simple: Maybe is DotA veteran. He played with the legend of Chinese  Dota-scene - China YaphetS, who is acknowledged as a best player of Shadow Fiend. Maybe that's the reason why Lu plays this hero so good.


Splendid triple kill by China Maybe


Worth mentioning:

  • China Tian “Cty” Yu Chen is another apprentice of China YapethS. Furthermore he's got powerful individual skill. His XPM stats are bigger than those of Maybe. However, his team performed worse than the team of Lu Yao.
  • Sweden Gustav “s4” Magnusson has great statistics, well-known reputation and the victory at 1vs1 tournament. Unfortunately, this is undermined by a horrible play on QoP in a match against and the forthcoming leave from TI.
  • China Huang "Shiki" Jiwei proved that being famous or winning tournaments is not obligatory to show great results at mid. Unfortunately, the final game spoiled final performance, though he's in top 10 players of the tournament in terms of KDA.
  • Pakistan Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan - we can't help mentioning young star evil genius. The player is great, though he's too dependent on the hero he plays. Will he get rid of this drawback in future?
  • Russian Federation Sergey "God" Bragin - it was due to him, that the "bears" managed to take 5-6 places at TI 2015. Sergey played selflessly almost up to nervous breakdown. Finally, it was worth it: the fans can be proud of their favorite team, and God is titled the CIS strongest midders.


China Maybe China LGD Gaming 8.2 295 578 570
China Cty China EHOME 7.8 316 535 580
Sweden s4 International Team Secret 6.9 197.8 475 517
China ShiKi China CDEC Gaming 6.5 234.9 477 504
Pakistan Suma1L United States Evil Geniuses 5.6 345.1 573 606
Russian Federation God Russian Federation 4.9 261.5 514 543




China Sun "Agressif" Zheng 

China CDEC Gaming

Age: 23 


The best carry title is undoubtedly granted to this guy. He's gone the way from Wild Card matches till The International 2015 final, showing outstanding high quality level of performance. Moreover his style of game was absolutely different from others and aggressive. He is fantastic discovery of the tournament as well as his team!
It's interesting that a couple of years ago Sun dreamt of simply getting to The International as a player. Now he can proudly claim that he created history. His success will be inspiring many players all over the world for a long time! We'll be watching China Agressif, wondering, what he will bring to Dota.


United States EG wrote: "GG" after this ultra kill 




Worth mentioning:

  • au Damien "kphoenii" Chok of all the players of MVP Phoenix we'd like to point out the team's carry. Damian was clearly performing his responsibilities at this position. However, his stats were spoiled by Naga Siren (he lost in all 3 matches): it's just not his hero.
  • Canada Arthur "Arteezy" Babaev - notwithstanding International Team Secret were knocked off at the early stage of the tournament (for a team of such level), Arthur can be proud of his performance. He had great stats and bright game moments. RTZ made his fans very happy.
  • Russian Federation Ayrat "Silent" Gaziev played stable as always. However, unfortunately even GPM record for Anti-Mage didn't help him overcome all the listed rivals.
  • China  Zhi “BurNIng” Lei Xu is a legendary player and the best Anti-Mage at professional scene. The inclusion of this player to the list is rather a tribute to his past. However, in some games B-god showed an outstanding performance.
  • United States Clinton "Fear" Loomis is one of the most stable and respected player of North American scene. EG's victory bases on the Clinton's experience to a great extent.
  • China Chen “Hao” Zhi Hao is one of the best carry in Dota 2-scene. He didn't perform great in the group stage, but he played well in the main part. It is due to Hao  Vici Gaming has changed so substantially. And don't forget the only rampage in the main part was made by this player. 
  • China  Jia “Sylar” Jun Liu is another reason why LGD Gaming has gone so far. He can play many carry heroes very well. Furthermore, he's got deep notion of the game. These make him a very successful player.


China Agressif China CDEC Gaming 9.3 312.9 561 577
China Sylar China LGD Gaming 7.0 316 570 546
China Hao China Vici Gaming 6.5 363.2 573 557
United States Fear United States Evil Geniuses 6.4 314.9 543 569
China BurNIng China Invictus Gaming 5.3 305.1 495 462
Russian Federation Silent Russian Federation Team Empire 5.0 338.2 562 557
Canada Arteezy International Team Secret 4.9 314.2 617 612
au kphoenii Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix 4.9 251.5 514 487




United States Saahil “Universe” Arora

United States Evil Geniuses

Age: 25


This is the only position, which won't be argued. Saahil is a combination of experience, skill and outstanding understanding of the game. His play on Earthshaker in the last game of the final match. 
This was the fifth try of the player to win the main prize of The International. And it was successful! Along with his teammates of United States Evil Geniuses, Saahil won not only the title of the world's champion, but also the best offlaner. What will be his next goal?


This moment was called "Echo Slam at $ 6 000 000"


Worth mentioning:

  • China Chen "Xz" Zezhi is a player of finalist team China CDEC Gaming. Note that he began his career at midder's position. However, after joining his current team he changed his role on the map. As you see that was a right decision.
  • China Yao “Yao” Zheng Zheng  - this is his fifth trip to The International. Yao is only 25, so he might come to TI again.
  • Ukraine Alexander "DkPhobos" Kucheria - after the return to professional scene, Alexander has shown very confident and stable performance. He contributed much to the victory of his team over many rivals.
  • Singapore Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang is known for his extraordinary behavior. Daryl played differently during the main stage compared to the group stage. His Clockwerk was splendid: 5 victories in 6 matches.
  • Russian Federation Maxim "yoky" Kim - Maxim' distinctive feature is stability of performance, which is a main requirement to the offlaner. He's most remarkable for his play of Magnus.
  • Sweden Ludwig “Zai” Wåhlberg retrained into offlaner (from support) in his new team. However, he performed very well at this position. His great play on the heroes combined with great personal statistics make the player an object of attention of the heads of many esports clubs. 
  • China Fan “rOtk” Bai is the finalist of the previous The International. He spent this year's tournament on the same level. Bai is a very good player, who is capable of playing on various positions. Additionally he's got leader's qualities. 


United States UNiVeRsE United States Evil Geniuses 5.4 335 369
China Xz China CDEC Gaming 6.9 349 379
China Yao China LGD Gaming 6.5 302 319
Ukraine DkPhobos Russian Federation 5.8 340 380
Singapore iceiceice China Vici Gaming 3.7 336 363
Russian Federation yoky Russian Federation Team Empire 5.3 366 392
Sweden zai International Team Secret 4.2 387 407
China rOtK China EHOME 4.2 316 336



China Ning “xiao8” Zhang

China LGD Gaming

Age: 25

United States  Peter “ppd” Dager

United States Evil Geniuses

Age: 23


This position is the hardest to determine. It plays key role in the game. Notwithstanding family problems (it became known that the player is in the middle of break up and divorce with his wife), China Xiao8 tried to perform at his most to get the title of the twice winner of Aegis. He didn't manage to do that. However, there's no reason to despair. He's most likely to repeat his try next year with his team (the current one or new). In his team, Zhang is rather a roaming hero, which doesn't prevent him from acting in the capacity of support.
Peter has long been known for both his quarrelsome character and the perfect analysis of situation as well as good draft. It is hard to imagine, what would've happened to the evil geniuses but for his interested ideas and strategies. 
Surely it is almost impossible to imagine both of them in one team. Each of them will try to lead the team, as both of them are captains, but we can dream just a little bit, can't we?



Worth mentioning:

  • China Fu "Q" Bin is a talented captain of CDEC Gaming. He'd been considered an average player for a long time until his great performance forced the critics to shut up. After the encounter in the game, ppd praised Q: "This guy is genius!"
  • China Liu "Garder" Xinzhou can be put on support position along with Q in our Dream Team. They both perform stably, what else a player is required to do?
  • ru Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev we wanted to write down his name into the roster of our symbolic team,  but the performance of our players at TI 2015 impedes. Notwithstanding all the difficulties, Akbar played his first TI at a very high level.
  • Estonia Clement "Puppey" Ivanov is a former player of our team, who has shown great performance on this position: he assisted teammates, making everything possible for them to feel free during the game.
  • Israel Tal “Fly-Simba” Aizik is one of the best players of his team: he played effectively and at high level.
  • China Lu “Fenrir” Chao is a team's veteran, who's got to the list of the best players once again, playing in duet with the second support of the team - fy.
  • China Lin “fy” Sen Xu is an experienced but still very young player. He created miracles on his signature hero Rubick at this The International. He often changed the course of battle and the game.
China xiao8 China LGD Gaming 7.0 304 291
United States ppd United States Evil Geniuses 4.1 262 301
China Q China CDEC Gaming 5.0 302 319
China Garder China CDEC Gaming 4.8 276 283
Russian Federation SoNNeikO Ukraine Natus Vincere 4.2 309 298
Estonia Puppey International Team Secret 3.9 331 332
Israel Fly United States compLexity Gaming 3.6 331 360
China Fenrir China Vici Gaming 4.1 255 265
China fy China Vici Gaming 3.2 302 320


 This is how a symbolic team of The International 2015 looks like. It is very hard to choose the best player, since every viewer has his or her own preferences. We will hope that our team will succeed at the next grand tournament.

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