Na`Vi.G2A - top 6 of ranking


CIS Na`Vi.G2A showed good performance at ELEAGUE Major 2017 and moved to the sixth place in the Global Ranking. Our roster is ahead of such teams as Sweden NiP that didn't participate in the event, United States OpTic that couldn't advance to the group stage and Sweden fnatic that lost the points due to the roster changes.


The top 3 of the ranking remains unchanged: Denmark Astralis, Poland and Brazil SK Gaming. We're glad other teams of our region have taken higher positions in the ranking compared to the previous month. Kazakhstan Gambit holds 9 place, and Ukraine FlipSid3 takes 15 (which is a great advancement of +4 lines). Global Ranking for January


  1. Denmark Astralis
  2. Poland
  3. Brazil SK
  4. International FaZe
  5. Denmark North
  6. CIS Natus Vincere
  7. Sweden NIP
  8. United States OpTic
  9. Kazakhstan Gambit
  10. United States Cloud9


Next week CIS Na`Vi will be playing at DreamHack Las Vegas 2017 and will perform at IEM Katowice in two weeks. That's our chance to realize our potential, demonstrate the true power of Na`Vi and improve the placement in the ranking. Good luck, guys!

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