Techlab Moscow 2013: Review

While Natus Vincere were getting ready for Techlabs 2013 in Moscow, they had some tough goals ahead of them. They had to prove themselves after the Austrian fail by showing some great Counter-Strike play and to demonstrate the potential of the new DotA2-roster. While it would have been too naive to expect anything really big from the CS-team because of the game’s version switch, the community really expected Clement&Co to not only win, but prove their total dominance on the CIS-scene. Now, you already know how everything turned out.

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CS:GO spectators                                                                          DotA2 spectators
The bus with the players came an hour late because of the legendary traffic jams in Moscow. The CS-squad and team NiP had already started setting up their computers right away, but it took about three hours after. Only after that could they start deciding a map. Since NiP won the coin flip, Na`Vi started eliminating the maps by choosing de_nuke_se as their first "ban". Then it went as follows: de_dust2_se, de_inferno_se, de_mirage_se, leaving de_train_se in the end as the map played. The Swedes seemed pretty comfortable with that draw. NiP took the lead right off the bat and turned down every Na`Vi's attempt to alter the game flow or change gears by out-aiming them. It was quite strange to see Markeloff watching the DotA2-stream between the halves of the match while the other players of the team were just sitting there silently, not discussing any further strategy.
Fun fact: CS-guys had to fly to Ukraine through Donetsk because the airport in Kiev was closed due to snowfall. Four of the boys went from Donetsk to the training base in Kiev by train, while Markeloff decided to visit his family at home. What kind of adventure was that?
While watching Na`Vi play against NiP one could easily get an impression that the key difference was the aim which Na`Vi have dropped significantly after the switch to CS:GO. Most of the 1x1 situations went in favor of the Swedes. If aim and shooting skills in general are the case, the team can improve by practicing, practicing, and even more practicing. Before the match against ESC, Alexander Kohanovsky arrived to support his team in his unique manner. Unfortunately, nothing helped Natus Vincere to overpower the Poles. As a result, Na’Vi only acquired fourth place and understood that it's necessary to work harder and harder everyday to accomplish anything.
Fun fact: Between the intervals in the match against ESC, Starix had to go to the bathroom. ZeroGravity took his place (he was once a pretty good player). Nobody noticed Starix being away from keyboard, so the game started. ZeroGravity even managed to cause some damage and made some frags. Ultimately, Edward noticed Starix “has quickly grown quite tall” so the game was restarted.
After the CS:GO team went defeated, all hopes for some positive emotions were carried onto the DotA2-guys. Unfortunately for the fans, the team's captain once again decided to test the odds against Wisp+CK, which were empowered with Empire’s Nature Prophet. That brought Empire's mobility to the highest level. Even with Empire’s pressure, Na`Vi could turn things around by winning some key fights at their base. During Empire's first raid on Na`Vi's base, Funn1k showed some ridiculous action and died. After that, XBOCT for some reason tried to attack a hero with a ghost scepter, couldn't get back in time and also died. As a result, the team lost and 'gg' was called. During that game Wisp had 8 kills while helping other heroes to perform the same 21more times. All of it, in the end, seemed quite terrifying with Empire having 33 kills.
Fun fact: The delays caused by disconnects in the game against Empire totaled up to an hour. One time the whole team Empire disconnected. Clement quickly used his 'tactical pause' weapon.
The second match against VP started, surprise-surprise, with a Wisp ban by Natus Vincere. CK was no longer as attractive. Also, Na`Vi placed their bets on AOE with Veno, Magnus & Tidehunter. The opponents responded with Rubick, closing up their promising roster with Warlock + Undying. The beginning of the match was quite epic: 5-4 in favor of Natus Vincere right off the bat. There were a lot of spectacular moments in that game, most of which were Dendi's. couldn't do anything to resist Ravage & RP. If you missed the game, we highly recommend you to watch the VOD.
Be brighter - support Natus Vincere
Right before the match, Natus Vincere's management asked Sergey "Ars-Art" Revin to come up to the main stage, so that Alexander Kohanovsky could award him with the commemorative plate for Sergey's impact in the development of the DotA2-division. We hope he liked the gift.
The drafting' phase in the third match was almost identical to the one we witnessed in the game against team Empire. In other words, ICCOP had Wisp, NP and CK. As a result, the fight at the entrance of the lower base that should have been won by Na`Vi was lost back in like 5-7 seconds due to three heroes who had been bought out. While, undoubtedly, the audience (or any other Na`Vi's player) doesn't have the same kind of knowledge of competitive DotA2 that Clement has, sometimes you can get the right answer even after making some mistakes while solving the problem.
Fun fact: Darth Vader is Dendi.
The reality is, Techlabs 2013 in Moscow became one of the worst events for Natus Vincere in the team’s history. We've recently talked to Alexander Kohanovsky and he told us that the DotA2-roster has't fully recovered after the "transplantation". All players are having some rough times when their ex-colleagues are substituted by the novice members. Only time will tell, if the new parts of the team will "strike roots", but we can be thankful that the heart, the brain and the striking wrath of the team remained the same.
Fun fact: The event concluded around 01:00 a.m. while the shopping center usually closes its doors at 00:00.
Our video-editor prepared a short clip about Techlabas 2013 in Moscow for you:
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