Na`Vi playing FnaticRC today at 20.30 CE



The Defense will be seeing us in another match-up this evening! The last time that we met Fnatic, they didn't give us an easy time. In TPL image Fnatic took game one in a deciding fashion after image H4nn1's Night Stalker feasted on our heroes over and over again. We then pulled our stuff together and managed to bounce back and seal the series with a 2-1.

While Fnatic are still running their fingers through the soil in Dota 2, image Na`Vi are an established name, probably the most established name in it and people have always had high expectations. Our disappointing performances lately and the fact that we've fallen off the radar a bit, plus the fact that we're not #1 in GGnet ranking, by a quite significant margin, puts a lot of pressure on our shoulders.

The still reigning Dota 2 kings vs Heroes of Newerth's absolute number one, who will come out on top today? Be sure to come back at 20.30 CET to watch our match directly from our website! We will as always keep you updated!
Stream for the match against image FnaticRaidcall, casted by image TobiWanKenobi, 20.30 CET!


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#1 7 August 2012, 23:06
D_o-T_a,,boy / i didn't know that dota 2 have already been cretead,, look how blood seeker looks now,,,instead of some strange looking bear!.
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#2 8 August 2012, 14:15
9pWq4a mdwzrtdavtyp
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#3 9 August 2012, 02:25
doyLZU kyaldmsjsilp
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