The Duty of a Support: SoNNeikO

Definitely, the support is one of the most important roles in the game and also one of the least played classes by the majority of Dota 2 players. Almost no one wants to play a support in pub games, probably because of the wrong mindset by which the support doesn’t have a high impact in the game. Everyone wants to be a mid or safe-laner to carry himself and get those sweet +25 pts. Another reason is also the lack of trust - generally we don’t believe that other players on our team are worthy enough to carry us, very often because we had negative experiences in the past. Overall, due to the lack of experience as a support, when we happen to play one, of course our ability and decision-making with this class won’t be stellar. Supports that buy wrong items during a game can be a real nuance for the team, and it is often the case that, even if our team is losing, the support won’t buy items to increase his teammates’ chances to survive, but will try to build an Aghanim’s Scepter as first item, at all costs! Today we will take our great support, Russian Federation Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev, as an example, to study his most purchased items in competitive games.
It is not necessary to point out that a support should provide the team with consumables like Wards and Dust. For example, the  Gem of True Sight is one of SoNNeikO’s most bought items, in 11 games out of 33 considered in this patch. He bought more Gems than Tranquil Boots! The Boots are another topic which is not necessary to deal with - in most scenarios you will prefer Tranquils or Arcanes. Overall he bought 15 Arcanes, 10 Tranquils and 6 Power Treads, but when you aren’t sure what to do, we always suggest to choose  Arcane Boots because they are much more useful for a pub team. Many players don’t have great mana management skills, neither they buy any necessary items on their heroes, but prefer to directly rush expensive damage items. In these situations you can make a great difference for the outcome of the game.
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Excluding consumables, wands and boots, SoNNeikO most bought item is the  Urn of Shadows. This cheap (875 gold) item works really well in this combative meta and you will easily fill up many charges that can be used for defensive or offensive purposes. Starting from v6.82, its damage type changed from HP Removal to Pure, thus increasing its value - in fact, now Soul Release will also disable the enemy’s Blink Dagger. In a meta rich of ganks and mobility items, the Urn can definitely shine and we suggest every team to have one.
Next one is the  Glimmer Cape. A real OP item in v6.84, it received many nerfs, but it is still a very solid choice for your games. In pub, many players incorrectly assume that the Glimmer is a good item only if you are a support that can “abuse” invisibility for personal purposes: for example, Witch Doctor Witch Doctor and Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden can keep using their ultimates while invisible. This way of thinking is totally wrong - we actually buy the Glimmer Cape to save our cores from a life-threatening situation. In a teamfight, it doesn’t matter if the support dies, but the cores must be protected at all costs, so if you are both risking to die you must gift your invisibility to the carry or mid laner, thus protecting his gold and life.
Another item that everyone already knows is  Mekansm. Another wrong mindset can make you think that this item isn’t always necessary, because it doesn’t deal damage so you can’t kill enemies with it. This attitude is what makes games hard. As a support, you should prioritize your team’s needs instead of chasing for kills. The Mekansm can make a great difference in all teamfights from the early to the mid game,not scaling as well into late game. The heal and the extra armour are enough to change the fate of a gank or teamfight, leading your team in advantage. 
Then SoNNeikO focuses his attention on mobility items: he bought 8  Blink Daggers and 7  Force Staffs. A dead support can’t protect his team - you must never forget it. To die multiple times in a game and excuse yourself thinking that you are just a squishy support is something that you must never do. Dazzle Dazzle is a really popular hero in this patch and the enemies will try to kill you as fast as possible, because while you are alive the team will receive heals and your carry will have the chance to survive thanks to Shallow GraveShallow Grave. In this scenario, are you still thinking that your life is worth nothing? A Force Staff and correct positioning will allow you to save your team and your own life.
The last item that we want to mention is the  Medallion of Courage, bought in a total of 7 games. It is a cheap multi-purpose item that can be used to make yourself or your teammates tankier or to decrease the armor of an enemy during a gank, thus facilitating his death. Situationally, it can be used also to easily break a Linken’s Sphere. Often overlooked, it is a perfect item for our actual ganking meta.
Finally, do you wonder how many times SoNNeikO has bought an  Aghanim’s Scepter? Only three. The supports can’t always have gold to improve their ultimate. If it so happens that you are actually able to buy the Scepter and your team is doing okay - go for it by all means, but do not sacrifice your team’s needs for the sake of a secondary upgrade. Don’t forget that teamplay will lead to victory. Remember it with us!
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