«The eSPORTS?» - article by ZeroGravity

Lately I have visited lots of tournaments and lots of events. Of course, I've got lots of emotions and valuable experience. With all of my knowledge and observations I've decided to analyze the eSports of 2001-2002 (one WCG and few CPL tournaments per year) and eSports of 2009-2010. What is the result? As a social phenomenon, eSports is gaining in momentum each year. But as an industry it is not developing. Prize pools and team revenues are growing but their growth rate is far from conventional sports. M19 won 40.000$ at WCG 2002. CPL World Tour 2001 had a prize pool of 150.000$ per year. Do you understand what should be the prize money in 2010 taking into account inflation rates and gaming industry growth? Since 2001 to 2010 the amount of unique visitors has increased in hundred (sometimes in thousand) times and their number is up to 1 million per one tournament now. Has anyone dreamed about this in 2001? But here comes the paradox. How come that such a large audience is left unnoticed? Is Chess, Curling, Squash more popular than eSports? Why having millions of fans all over the world doesn't make eSports the official kind of sports? Read about these facts in the first part of my article!

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