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We are proud to present you the DotA2-movie about team Natus Vincere - "The Game We Love". It's the result of our collaboration with worth 4 months of hard work. The footage was recorded at Dreamhack Winter 2012 which saw Natus Vincere's unexpected loss to team EG in the first round of play-off.


This movie will help the DotA2-fans discover Natus Vincere's approach to the game. You will also hear team members' thoughts on the future of eSports which will help you understand better the personalities behind the nicknames.


Comment by image Andrew Yatsenko, film producer:


"We started working on the movie in late October, 2012. The guys from (better known as at that moment) contacted me and shared their plans about filming Na`Vi Dota 2 at Dreamhack Winter 2012. Soon, the idea transformed into the movie and we started negotiating the project: the plot, financing, filming, organization, etc. As soon as everything was settled we had to do the hardest - find a sponsor. Fortunately, our long time friend and partner SteelSeries was interested in the project. Thanks to them, we were able to travel to cold Sweden and film Na`Vi.Dota 2 between their matches during a couple of days.


The main feature of the movie (and the whole tournament in general) was Na`Vi's loss in the first round of play-off. The unexpected scenario forced us to alter the plot on-the-fly and try some experimenting. At the same time, it allowed us to make the movie more vivid and real. What kind of obstacles does the team face in a world class tournament? How does the team overcome them? How do the players approach the game and what are the key differences between the professionals and the rest? We tried to answer these exact questions in the movie. Only you can judge if we succeeded.


We hope that you will enjoy the movie as much as we did creating it. Leave your comments, subscribe to our channel and enjoy the video!


Comment by image Frank Walraven, member of the production team from


"It all started with the idea that we wanted to do something for the Dota 2 scene other than hosting cups for people to play inSo we started to brainstorm and came up with the idea that some kind of documentary would be a good idea. We had the skills, the gear and the motivation, all we needed was a subject and a partner to make this happen. We decided to pitch our idea to Na`Vi and we were surprised how professional and motivated they were! In no time we were working together on a plan to get this thing done.


At Dreamhack we worked like the devil for about 13 hours each day, but it was all worth it.  We had a lot of fun and really loved doing it. We all think it was a great experience to work with Na`Vi and the professional Dota 2 scene. The biggest eye openers to us were how cooperative the Dota 2 scene is and how motivated Na`Vi is to boost the Dota2 and general esport scene to the next level.


In our opinion the documentary turned out great and we’re more than proud of it after the huge amount of work we put into it. We’re definitely planning on making more high quality video content like this in the future and truly move Next Level Gaming Series to the next level. If you want to support us, all you have to do is play in our tournaments! We would like to thank Natus Vincere for their great help and professionalism, and we wish the team good luck with their new roster!"


Have fun watching!


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