The Gaming Series with Na`Vi.LoL!

imageNext week on the 24th of April, one of the biggest online League of Legends tournaments will start! 24 best European teams have been divided into 4 groups, where the matches will be played in a Best-of-2 format, whereas Play-offs in a Best-of-3 format and Finals in a Best-Of-5 format. Games will be played every Tuesday and Thursday starting on the 24th of April. The groups have been drawn yesterday by image Panky on stream, who will also be the official caster of the tournament, alongside with other Absolute Legends casters. Huge prize pool of $10,000 + 5 Asus Gaming Laptops and cr?me de la cr?me of European teams, surely makes this one of the most interesting and competitive online tournaments so far. image Na`Vi.LoL have been invited to take part in this tournament aswell and have been placed in a quite difficult group with current World Champions image Moscow5.


Our team captain Victor 'CitizenWayne' Toll shared a few thoughts about the tournament. Here is his brief statement:

"With the kickoff of TGS, one of the most interesting invitational tournaments is about to begin.The pricepool is high, the participants are the best in europe, and the coverage will be great.We will be doing our best and keep on closing the gap between us and the very top.Thanks for watching and supporting us!"








Group A Group B
image Moscow Five image team-aAa
image Natus Vincere image Meet Your Makers
image WinFakt image Teamless
image Alternate image mTw
image ESC Gaming image Peculiar
image exHCL image Team Derpers
Group C Group D
image Absolute Legends image CLG.Eu
image SK Gaming image Sypher
image mousesports image TCM Gaming
image Western Wolves image Millenium
image FragZone image Luna Gaming
image LowLandLions image x6tence





Week One:

Tuesday 24th April:

18:00 CEST - image Moscow5 vs image exHCL

20:00 CEST - image Na`Vi vs image ESC

22:00 CEST - image WinFakt  vs image Alternate



Thursday 26th April:

18:00 CEST - image mouz vs image WW

20:00 CEST - image AL vs image SK

22:00 CEST - image FragZone vs image LLL



Week Two:

Tuesday 1st May:

18:00 CET - image aAa vs image Derpers

20:00 CET - image Teamless vs image Peculiar

22:00 CET - image MYM vs image mTw


Thursday 3rd May:

18:00 CET - image vs image Sypher

20:00 CET - image TCM vs image Millenium

22:00 CET - image Luna  vs image x6tence





  • 1st place: $5.000 + 5 Asus Gaming Laptops
  • 2nd place: $3,000
  • 3rd place: $2,000
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