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Hello guys! It’s time for Day 4 of The International! Our match against image DK will begin in a few hours, other match-ups that are coming up in the Winner Bracket are image LGD vs image Orange, image coL vs image Zenith and image iG vs image EG. The Loser bracket will feature image CLG vs image mTw, image mouz vs image EHOME, image TongFu vs image M5 and image Darer vs image aL.

Our game against image DK is scheduled for 2.00 AM CET! See you in 4 hours! 





Stream by image v1lat




Stream by image TobiWanKenobi



Stream by image LD and image Luminous


Stream by image NS



[05:38] We go through to the second round of the Winner Bracket after winning in an incredible series against image DK! image Na`Vi fighting!

[05:05] All is leveled! The final game (3) is up, picks:

Game 3: image DK:   image  image image image image
  image Na`Vi:  image image image image image

[04:10] Game 2 picks:


Game 2: image DK:            image image image image image
  image Na`Vi:

image image image image image

[03:35] 25 minute game and we're 1 up! What's up?!?! :)) Game 2 to follow, stay tuned!

[03:22] Picks:

Game 1: image DK:            image image image image image
  image Na`Vi:

 image image image image image

[02:53] What a close and sick game by image EG and image iG! Our game against image DK will follow, will one of the Chinese teams fall this time? 

Be sure to watch the game to find out!

[20:47] Some fresh content from our youtube page:
[17:43] Just a few hours to our match, be sure not to miss it! First game of the playoffs will start in an hour or so.





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Winner Bracket:




Loser Bracket:


You can find the official schedule for all the other matches below:

31/08, 18:30 image LGD vs image Orange
31/08, 21:00 image coL vs image Zenith
31/08, 23:30 image iG vs image EG
1/08, 02:00  image Na`Vi vs image DK
1/09, 04:30 image CLG vs image mTw
1/09, 05:30 image mouz vs image EHOME
1/09, 06:30 image TongFu vs image M5
1/09, 07:30 image Darer vs image aL
1/09 - 2nd round Lower Bracket 
1/09 - 3rd round Lower Bracket 
1/09 - 4th round Lower Bracket
1/09 - Winner Bracket Semi Finals
2/09 - Loser Bracket Consolation Finals
2/09 - Loser Bracket Finals
2/09 - Grand Finals



1st place: $1,000,000 
2nd place: $250,000 
3rd place: $150,000 
4th place: $80,000 
5th place: $35,000 
6th place: $35,000 
7th place:: $25,000 
8th place: $25,000 





image MoscowFive: (PGG, Bl00DAnGeL, Admiration, Silent, Vigoss)
image Natus Vincere: (Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Smile, LighTofHeaveN)
image Darer: (ArtStyle, G, Goblin, Mag~, Funn1k)
image CLG: (Pajkatt, MiSeRy, Lacoste, Akke, Mirakel)
image mTw: (syndereN, 7ckngMad, Kebap, Funzii, Sockshka)
image Absolute Legends: (Snoopy, Godot, Musica, Shatan, bLeek)
image Evil Genius: (Maelk, Fear, DeMoN, Bulba, Universe)
image coL: (FLUFFNSTUFF, HANNAH_MONTANA, ixmike88, Jeyo, TC)
image Orange: (Winter, Mushi, XtincT, Yamateh, Ice)
image Zenith: (Hyhy, iceiceice, Loda, xFreedom, xy-)
image DK: (Burning, LongDD, Zippo, rOtk, Super)
image iG: (Zhou, Ferrari, YYF, ChuaN, Faith)
image LGD: (xiao8, DDC, Sylar, Yao, DD)
image EHOME: (QQQ, LaNm, KingJ, Cupid_Cat, Dai)
image TongFu: (Hao, Mu, SanSheng, Awoke, Kabu)
image mouz: (Kuroky, SingSing, 1437, Black^, Bamboe)
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