The International - Grand Finals - Final



After an exciting day yesterday, it’s time for the final day three of The International! Taking down two Chinese powerhouses in the face of image DK and image iG was not an easy feat but we managed to do it, can we beat image LGD aswell? image Sylar and co have been undefeated throughout the tournament and if there is a team that can put an end to their dominance it’s image Na`Vi!

We’ll play LGD at 21.00 CET!

image iG and image DK will play before we do, the match is gonna start in a few minutes!




Official image English stream



Official image Russian stream



Audience camera / Benaroya Hall


Вooth #1 camera


Booth #2 camera




[06:56] We're on the ropes unfortunately, 1 game away from a loss but cheer for us, we still have our chances to come back and take the series! Game 4 is starting!

[05:55] 18 minutes and we tie the series to 1-1!! 2 more games to go!! :))

[05:20]  image iG take the win in game one and are currently up 1-0 in the bo5.

[04:34] The final match of the tournament is coming up shortly!! image Na`Vi vs image iG in an epic bo5!

[00:44] 2-1 and we're the first team to qualify for the Grand Finals after beating the previously undefeated image LGD! Our team will rest now, watch some games and prepare for the Grand Finals! Na`Vi fighting! 

[23:26] We tie the series 1-1 after an amazing game two! Nerd chills!!! The final game three of the series will be arriving shortly!

[22:39] Game 1 goes to image LGD unfortunately, game two to follow! We will stay strong! Picks:

Game 2:
 image Na`Vi:  image image image image image
 image LGD  :  image image image image image

[21:50] Game vs image LGD is live! Picks:

Game 1:
 image Na`Vi:  image image image image image
 image LGD  :  image image image image image

[18:41] conducted an interview with Puppey right after the match with image iG:












Winner Bracket:



Loser Bracket:







1st place: $1,000,000 
2nd place: $250,000 
3rd place: $150,000 
4th place: $80,000 
5th place: image Zenith - $35,000 
6th place: image EHOME - $35,000 
7th place: image TongFu - $25,000 

8th place: image Orange - $25,000 





image MoscowFive: (PGG, Bl00DAnGeL, Admiration, Silent, Vigoss)
image Natus Vincere: (Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Smile, LighTofHeaveN)
image Darer: (ArtStyle, G, Goblin, Mag~, Funn1k)
image CLG: (Pajkatt, MiSeRy, Lacoste, Akke, Mirakel)
image mTw: (syndereN, 7ckngMad, Kebap, Funzii, Sockshka)
image Absolute Legends: (Snoopy, Godot, Musica, Shatan, bLeek)
image Evil Genius: (Maelk, Fear, DeMoN, Bulba, Universe)
image coL: (FLUFFNSTUFF, HANNAH_MONTANA, ixmike88, Jeyo, TC)
image Orange: (Winter, Mushi, XtincT, Yamateh, Ice)
image Zenith: (Hyhy, iceiceice, Loda, xFreedom, xy-)
image DK: (Burning, LongDD, Zippo, rOtk, Super)
image iG: (Zhou, Ferrari, YYF, ChuaN, Faith)
image LGD: (xiao8, DDC, Sylar, Yao, DD)
image EHOME: (QQQ, LaNm, KingJ, Cupid_Cat, Dai)
image TongFu: (Hao, Mu, SanSheng, Awoke, Kabu)
image mouz: (Kuroky, SingSing, 1437, Black^, Bamboe)
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User Deleted
#1 3 September 2012, 00:52
I'm having a fucking heartattack right here, you guys are fucking amazing! No matter what happens now, you guys are the best dota team of all time, really. What you guys pull off is out of this world !! Just unbelievable!

And also... DENDI WHY YOU SO GOOD ??? how can you steal the Ultis EVERY FUCKING TIME???
User Deleted
#2 3 September 2012, 11:53
User Deleted
#3 3 September 2012, 13:35
Na`Vi wp but you should find another carry player because that XBOCT is so bad nice Vanguard player on dps heroes ! that lost you the games :))
User Deleted
#4 3 September 2012, 14:48
You guys really won my hearts. Pls hold on with this proffessional dota. Your games against IG and LGD were so special for all of us fans. Its like watching Soccer WM, even better, my skin creeps when you do this surprising fights.
I am a real fan and i am really impressed how you brought back your game. I mean, your gameplay increased and adapted so much, with in just 3-4 days, when u saw how your opponents play works.

Really, go on with this!

Greets from Austria
Steam: Gameorg
User Deleted
#5 4 September 2012, 17:52
Good games, although I think that playing DK on dendi was the biggest mistake. Hopefully you guys can come back from this defeat and show em whos boss next time.
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