The International DotA 2 Championships C

Allright guys, it's now the time. The time for Na`Vi to face the main battle for $1 000 000 prize. This match is going to be in bo5 format with Na`Vi having the lead of 1-0 so get your popcorn cola and enjoy the action with us on!

Grand Final (bo5):  

image Na`Vi [3:1] image EHOME (Na`Vi is coming from WB and has 1 map advantage)

Winner's Final (bo3):  

image Na`Vi [2:0] image Scythe.SG

Winner's Round #2:  

image EHOME [0:1image Scythe
image Na`Vi [1:0] image iG

Winner's Round #1:  

image EHOME [1:0] image Tyloo
image MYM [0:1image Scythe
image [0:1] image iG
image Na`Vi [1:0] image Moscow5

Consolation Final(bo3): 

image EHOME [2:1] image Scythe.SG

Loser's Final(bo3): 

image EHOME [2:0] image MYM

Loser's Round #4: 

image EHOME [1:0] image M5
image iG [0:1image MYM

Loser's Round #3:

image OK.Nirvana.Int [0:1image M5
image [0:1image MYM

Loser's Round #2:

image Virus [0:1image MYM
image [1:0] image Tyloo
image MI.Asus [0:1image M5
image OK.Nirvana.Int vs image MUFC

Loser's Round #1:

image SGC [0:1image Virus
image [1:0] image GGnet
image MI.Asus [1:0] image
image nevo [0:1image MUFC

Prize pool and results:  

1st place: image Natus Vincere - $1,000,000 
2nd place: image EHOME - $250,000 
3rd place: image Scythe.SG - $150,000 
4th place: image MYM - $80,000 
5th place: image Moscow 5 - $35,000 
6th place: image Invictus Gaming - $35,000 
7th place: image OK.Nirvana.Int - $25,000 
8th place: image - $25,000 

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