The Kiev Major: CIS qualifiers overview


Over the past week, our fans had the chance to watch their favorite Dota 2 team compete in yet another qualifier after the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 Europe Qualifier, which was held less than a month ago. This time, we were fighting for a spot at the Kiev Major - the 3 million USD major - via the CIS Qualifiers. 
InternationalNa`Vi.G2A were directly invited to the closed qualifiers alongside 8 other teams and the CIS Open Qualifier winner, team Russian FederationDouble Dimension. Our guys had a tough fight in front of them, but they were up to the challenge.
It started with the group stages, where we had to compete against 9 other teams. Among our rivals was Russian, Russian FederationVega, Russian FederationEmpire, and CISSpirit.
We were a little unlucky on the first day, winning 1 match and losing 3 despite doing our best in every game.
Our first match was against Russian FederationDouble Dimension, a Russian team. We were on the dire side and finished the game in 21 minutes, winning 20 to 7. The victory came due to our team fully controlling the laning stage; all our cores were on the top of the net worth chart. Another powerful fight on mid led us to team wiping Double Dimension, which opened up a free Roshan and Aegis. Our team pushed mid directly from there and the end was clear. UkraineGeneRaL played exceptionally well, owning the laning stage with 2 early kills and a duel victory and finishing the game with a 6/0/8 score.
Our second match in the group stage was against Russian FederationEffect; the match was fairly one-sided, as Effect took full control and won the game in 32 mins with a score of 21 to 2 in their favor. Our draft that game was aggressive and featured innovative heroes such as Tusk Tusk and Troll Warlord Troll Warlord. Despite our cores keeping up in farm during the early stages, Effect took control of early engagements and became stronger despite our decent economy game.
The journey continued with our third match, this time against CISTeam Spirit. The game ended in 43 mins in favor of Team Spirit who led with a score of 41 kills to 14. Team Spirit controlled the game from the early stages and went on to control the mid game with perfectly timed combos. We were able to get some pick-offs and split push, but a couple of pick-offs and forced buybacks on us led Team Spirit directly to victory.
The last match of the day was against our rival, Russian, who won the game with a score of 29 to 16. The net worth graph swung in both directions throughout the game but favored from the beginning. We were on the dire side and did not see a lot of actions in the early game. Moving on to minute 12, a fight near our top tier 1 secured us a team wipe while only losing 3 heroes.
Our barracks started falling a couple of fights and pick-offs later, despite amazing performances by Invoker Invoker (Dendi) and Gyrocopter Gyrocopter (Pajkatt). Our guys tried to control the momentum after Gyro getting on top of the net worth chart with a smoke, but it resulted in a fight near Roshan pit where we lost GermanyrmN- and the Aegis. opted for the final push.
Our road to the playoffs
We came into the second day knowing that 1 loss might put us out of the competition and that 2 losses would surely be the end of our journey, so our team did their best. Our first match was a very intense, 67 minute game against Russian FederationComanche, which our opponents won with a score of 43 to 25 in their favor.
Our team had control of the game until around minute 15 when a series of unfortunate pick-offs nearly took the game out of our hands. If it wasn’t for SwedenPajkatt’s huge DPS. It was not until min 36 that the first high ground push came: two of them executed by Comanche and the second accompanied by an Aegis. We repelled all their pushing might with the help of Dendi’s Invoker, but an unfortunate fight handed Comanche the Aegis and Cheese, which they used to end the game. Pajkatt was leading in the kills with a score of 19/7/1
Another loss would mean elimination, so all the remaining 4 matches were critical. The next match was against UkraineHive, another team at the bottom of the table. Our team was on the radiant side and the game went completely one way, with our team winning in just 13 mins with a score of 19 to 0. Hive knew that a comeback from such a score early on was practically impossible. This score was the result of our team controlling the laning stage and getting kills periodically, until UkraineGeneRaL’s Night Stalker Night Stalker prolonged night time, helping our team to secure their lead.
Our next opponents were Russian FederationTeam Empire. This time, we were on the radiant side and won the game in 44 minutes with a score of 31 to 25 in our favor. The net worth went down for Team Empire from min 10 and continued until the end of the match. Team Empire was in control of the early stages with a 7 to 3 score, but a nice 4 man crush by Biver’s Slardar Slardar in conjunction with a triple remnant explosion by Dendi’s Ember Spirit Ember Spirit got us 4 kills for nothing.
We managed to claim Aegis every 10 mins until min 30 due to Pajkatt’s Ursa Ursa. Both teams kept trying to push high ground, but to no avail, until Empire got the Aegis and tried to push our tier 3 tower. We ended up getting a full team wipe, losing only the Beastmaster in the process. Because Team Empire had no buybacks, our team was victorious.


The fourth match of the day was against Russian FederationVega, a team containing some familiar faces. The match ended 35 to 18 in our favor in a 44 minutes game. The net worth graph was moved up and down due to several pick-offs and ganks. By min 23, Dendi’s Sniper Sniper was getting uncontrollable while getting DPS items, which led to our team gaining full control from there on out. After the score was tied 10-10, our team went on to secure 25 more kills while Vega secured only 8. A forced buy back from Vega’s Alchemist Alchemist, followed by a flank, led them to get fully team wiped, after which our team then went for the final push.
A win in the last match would either lead us to a tie breaker or qualifying, while a loss would surely lead us to disqualification. The match against Russian FederationF.R.I.E.N.D.S. was an amazing 55 minute game, ending in our favor with a score of 34 to 25. The early game was pretty close, but the farming game kept our 3 cores on the top of the net worth chart, exceeded only by the farm king Alchemist. From there on, many fights surged in both teams’ favor, until finally at min 55, a mistake by F.R.I.E.N.D.S. led them to lose 4 heroes which Pajkatt (17/5/13 as a six slotted Juggernaut Juggernaut) exploited to make a short work of the enemy base.
Having won the match and Russian FederationComanche defeating Hive, we had to play a tiebreaker against the team we lost against first that day. We had been building momentum since initial loss and won the match against Comanche in 26 minutes with a score of 19 to 3 in a one-sided game. Our team was on the dire side and had full in control from the early stages. The aggressive style of Hive benefited our draft, and three out of the top 4 spots on the net worth board belonged to our team.
After winning a long skirmish at Roshan pit, we pushed bottom and got both a tier 3 and a building in the process. Because Na`Vi had such a huge lead, about an 18 000 net worth difference, and yet another fight in our favor, Comanche called GG and InternationalNa`Vi.G2A advanced to the playoffs. The playoffs were played in a Bo3, double elimination format with the top four group stage teams: Russian, CISTeam Spirit, Russian FederationEmpire and InternationalNatus Vincere starting at the upper bracket. 
Bo3 highlights againt Virtus.Pro
Our first Bo3 was against Russian the first game placed us on the dire side. Both teams were very aggressive, with our team controlling the early stages and even succeeding in killing 4 enemy heroes while losing none in an early team fight. then went on to punish us for our mistakes and won the game 24 to 20 in their favor in 45 minutes.
During the second game, we were on the radiant side. The early game was going in the favor of neither nor Na`Vi, until we took control at min 20. The score was a tight 7 to 7 at min 20 mark until a mistake by the enemy Ursa Ursa and a Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity nice Reverse Polarity by Dendi’s Magnus Magnus helped the team secure a vital pick-off. After that, both teams got kills here and there. Due to fast and close fights, Pajkatt's Slark accumulated Essence Shifts. By min 31, the score was  23-17. We regained some of the net worth advantage lost earlier and went on to snowball and win with Slark Slark.
For the last game of the series, we were on the dire side. The game was one-sided in favor of, who won it in 27 minutes with a 27 to 5 score. Despite our team’s best effort,’s Night Stalker Night Stalkerhelped them gain an advantage during night time and we lost many team fights, to the point where the score was 11 to 4 in’s favor. Later on, anticipated our Roshan plan, managed to snatch the aegis, and killed 4 of our heroes. With the aegis, VP pushed high ground and our team could not withstand their overwhelming firepower. We lost the series 2 to 1 and fell to the lower bracket.
The second Bo3 was in the lower bracket against CISTeam Spirit. Both teams gave their all, as a loss here meant they were out of the competition. The first game placed us on the radiant side, and despite some issues in our early game performance, we went on to control the mid and late game and ultimately won in 30 minutes, 23 to 17. This was primarily due to a fight that evened up the score 11-11 after we were down 5 to 10, and with the help of GeneRaL’s signature Batrider Batrider, we went on to control the whole game. A couple of team wipes later, our team won the first game.
The second game was completely one-sided. We surprised the enemy team with a carry Pajkatt Leshrac Leshrac and won in 26 mins with a score of 27 to 5. Our team controlled the game from the start and managed to get a lot of pickoffs on the enemy carry Troll Warlord Troll Warlord, which eliminated any chance of a comeback for the enemy. Thus we went on to win team fight after team fight and secure the game, all while the enemy Troll Warlord couldn’t get a single kill. We ended the series 2-0 and progressed through the loser’s bracket.
Highlights of our game against Team Spirit
Our semi-final match was against Russian FederationTeam Empire, who lost to Russian earlier. The first game of the Bo3 placed us on the dire side with Dendi on his signature Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend and Pajkatt playing an unconventional Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit carry. Our team had a good start, getting first blood before the horn, and we went on to fully control the game with Venge pushing. We secured the first tier 3 by the 15 minute mark. By minute 33, the momentum completely switched as we lost multiple team fights and we were forced to play passively. The game ended in 41 minutes with a score of 33 to 17 favoring Empire.
For the second game, we were on the Radiant side, a side we frequently succeed on. This time, we grabbed GeneRaL’s signature Batrider Batrider and had the game under our control from the start. Early roaming by Germanyrmn- spirit breaker helped us secure the laning phase and helped GeneRaL secure many needed kills. We then won a team fight and pressured the enemy team. We continued to pressure Team Empire, even losing aegis once, until we managed to break an enemy tier 3 at around min 21. We got aegis at min 30 and claimed our first lane of racks. A fight surged later, resulting in 4 Empire players dying and calling GG directly after. The game ended with a score of 26 to 11 and took 35 minutes.
The last game of the series, and the last game of one of the two teams. Dendi’s new signature hero, Ember Spirit Ember Spirit, took full control of the game with a score of 19/2/13. The net worth graph was favoring both teams until around min 25, when Dendi came online and got kill after kill to secure full control. A couple of pick-offs on Alchemist Alchemist later on left Empire without their main core. Ursa Ursa started falling apart while the game progressed and thus we managed to end the game in 43 minutes, 38 to 18.
Highlights of our game against Team Empire
The final came and we had to face our rivals, Russian in the last Bo3. Both teams now had to give it their all for the one spot in the CIS qualifiers at the Kiev Major
For the first game of the Bo3, we were on the radiant side. Despite the bad start in the bottom lane, other lanes went well for us. However, the enemy Ursa Ursa got uncontrollable since our team only managed to get 3 kills. Multiple pick-offs by VP allowed them to secure their first lane of racks, while we were totally overwhelmed by Ursa’s power and couldn’t defend. The game ended in 26 minutes with a score of 22 to 3. Ursa ended the game with a score of 11/0/6.
We were on the radiant side for our second game; we picked comfortable heroes such as GeneRaL Enigma Enigma, Dendi’s Ember Spirit Ember Spirit, Biver Slardar Slardar and Pajkatt Lifestealer Lifestealer. Unfortunately, surprised us with a Sven Sven support, and most importantly, a Silencer Silencer mid. The game was in full control of despite our early trade-offs. Russian FederationNoone Silencer snowballed out of control and amassed a huge amount of intelligence with a score of 11/1/10, which helped VP secure a 4 player kill and Roshan. The final push came at min 24 where we had to call GG and lose the game with a score of 7 to 25.
Our boys did their best during the whole tournament and ended up being runner-up, the faith in InternationalNa`Vi G2A is still high. Expect us to start winning soon!
Time (CET) Match Page

10 March

12:30 International Natus Vincere [1:0] Russian Federation Double Dimension Watch
15:00 International Natus Vincere [0:1] Russian Federation Effect Watch
16:00 International Natus Vincere [0:1] CIS Team Spirit Watch
20:00 International Natus Vincere [0:1] Russian Federation Watch

11 March

10:00 International Natus Vincere [0:1] Russian Federation Comanche Watch
12:30 International Natus Vincere [1:0] UkraineHive Watch
15:00 International Natus Vincere [1:0]  Russian Federation Empire Watch
17:30 International Natus Vincere [1:0] Russian Federation Vega Watch
22:00 International  Natus Vincere [1:0] Russian Federation F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Watch
23:20 International Natus Vincere [1:0] Russian Federation Comanche Watch

12 March

11:00 International Natus Vincere [1:2] Russian Federation Watch

13 March

11:00 International Natus Vincere [2:0] Russian FederationTeam Spirit Watch
14:30 International Natus Vincere [2:1] Russian Federation Empire Watch
18:00 International Natus Vincere [0:2]  Russian Federation Watch


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