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As you know Ukraine Natus Vincere divisions  visit many LAN-tournaments and take first places, participating in online-leagues of different scale. Na`Vi became the grand eSports team, when some clubs were only beginning their uneasy way to the gaming top. We'd like to recall the most exotic and unusual teams, the Born to Win had to encounter.


Electronic Sports World Cup is the main chance for a team from a country, where eSports scene is only developing, to get to the eSport news and become known. Ukraine Na`Vi has gained many victories at this tournament. Thus we can't help recalling the most interesting rivals, the Ukrainian team had to encounter within the framework of this championship.


Dota 2 at ESWC 2012 was remarkable due to a very strange set of teams. Due to the refusal of some teams to participate, four French teams got the invites (the tournament was held in France). There were representatives of such exotic in terms of eSports country as  Kosovo. Only one invite wasn't put to question - UkraineNatus Vincere received deserved right to protect their title. Our team lost only one game. The Born to Win encountered a team from Algeria Algeria BaraNeT Gaming. The match was easy, with Pudge Pudge, total domination and cosmic score of 60:3 in the end of the match, which led UkraineNa`Vi to semifinal.

Intensively developing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also got into the focus of the teams of the periphery of global eSports. Due to the globalization, our grands had to play a couple of "extra" matches in the group stage, encountering the representatives of Asia, Africa and Oceania. In 2014 the Chinese of China Pow South African team  Energy joined  Ukraine Natus Vincere in group A along with the renown top team International fnatic and medium level  London Conspiracy and  k1ck. The representatives of China and South Africa opposed worthy, but Ukraine Zeus and his team were unstoppable in the group stage (recall their fantastic victory over International fnatic 16:5!), so no surprize the rivals of the Born to Win couldn't defeat them. 

Speaking of Chinese teams... at the times of Counter-Strike 1.6 many organizations were actively developing the cult shooter of Valve in Asian region. Many grand tournaments were held at the time with invited teams of other regions. Ukraine Na`Vi was often invited to such events. Our team even has a very interesting history of confrontation with China tyLoo.



It started with one of the numerous Arbalet tournament's - Arbalet Cup Asia 2010. Then of all the participant team only 4 stood out: Ukraine Natus Vincere, Russian Federation forze, 2 teams of China tyLoo, which demonstrated a fantastic level of performance compared to other Chinese teams. However, it didn't prevent Ukraine Na`Vi to defeat both teams one after another first in group stage and then in play off first rounds, which enabled them to win a champion's title. The Chinese teams took 3-4 places and went home to prepare to other matches. Soon they were held!


In six months Ukraine Natus Vincere participated in IEM V Global Challenge Shanghai, which was very much alike Arbalet Cup. Once again there were 2 teams of China tyLoo and two favorites (this time non-stable Russian Federation forze was replaced by more titled International fnatic). Chinese fans waited for the encounter of Ukraine Na`Vi with their favorites in the group stage. The miracle happened: China tyLoo managed to achieve draw, which brought them the first place in the group and a more convenient rival. Meanwhile the Born to Win had to encounter International fnatic in the semifinals due to this match...


Let's point out that both teams never managed to defeat their rivals and encountered once again in a match over the third place. Ukraine Natus Vinсere proved that the result of the previous encounter was just a misunderstanding. In a month China tyLoo played against Ukraine Na`Vi once again. The Born to Win striving to win, they defeated the Chinese easily 7:16. The story seemed to be over as the Born to Win proved who's on top, the Chinese stopped aspiring to top places. However, China tyLoo went from the scene gloriously: they defeated Ukraine Na`Vi at IEM VI. Well, nobody will recall that now. The Chinese never managed to get to play off, unlike Ukraine Natus Vincere, which reached the final.

Nobody would be surprized to see World of Tanks team from China. However, the attitude of the tank community towards the representatives of Southeast Asia is not serious. That is why the fans were much surprize to learn that tossing before the quarterfinal decided that seven Ukraine Na`Vi tankers would fight against Philippines PvP Super Friends from Philippines. This is a rather unusual team leaded by the Batman himself. And it turned out to be no whipping boy. They defeated Ukraine Natus Vincere in one round (not every team can do it) and then won 2 games in losers brackets. Few people paid attention to it though. Our team played a fantastic final against Russian Federation 5:4 that year.


As we can see, the matches against exotic teams bring our team good results. The way to the victories at ESWCWargaming LeagueArbalet Cup began with matches against the team of third tier. On the one hand, such games often provide opportunity for the players to achieve optimal teamplay and get used to the tournament environment. On the other hand such games are often risky in terms of losing (unfortunately Ukraine Na`Vi has such said experience). Let's hope that in all the upcoming tournaments Ukraine Natus Vincere won't make mistakes and will demonstrate top performance in matches against both unusual teams and favorites.

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