The most insane DotA2 matches of all tim

Which DotA2 matches are the craziest? Those with Natus Vincere mixing up their play with Zeus and winning? Or those with Zenith ignoring the bans while playing against the world champions and coming out on top? How many rapiers could there be in a game: one, two, five, or maybe seven? How long should the match run for 600k of gold to be farmed? If you're interested to find out the answers, then read our fresh take on the craziest matches in DotA2 history!


Of course, we will start with Natus Vincere playing versus Fnatic at Bigpoint Battle when the team captain decided to gamble a bit and picked Zeus as the fourth hero. "Playable", - thought Na`Vi's players. "WTF?!" - responded Fnatic.



It's safe to say, that the only person who didn't really think anything was Daniil who took Zeus and headed towards the easy lane which turned out to be even more easy when no opponents came down there. As a result, Zeus became MVP of the match. This fact alone was enough to put this game on the list of the craziest matches of all time.


Now, here's another game worth mentioning in our highly explosive rating. Team Zenith did it again, just like Britney Spears once sang. We mean the game where Zenith's captain decided not to use his right of banning heroes. Perhaps, he thought it would allow him to ban a dozen of heroes in some other match, who knows. Anyway, Zenith did it twice, but more importantly - they did it against top teams. First time, they faced Orange at BTS World Tour. Second time, it happened during the G-1 League qualifer against team IG, champions of the world. Both times Zenith won the game. In general, when a team wins without using certain benefits offered by the rules while their opponents aren't so kind to follow their example, it looks very funny, to say the least.


Our next pick is just marvelous by all means. The pudge pick, the score after 15 seconds into the match, the flight of Gale. But the most wonderful part was, of course, the duration of the match. If this game was held during the same time of our previous candidate, it could be played up to 15 times! The six-minute fight between M5 and E-Home at BTS WT is best explained by the following video:



Perhaps, the world record (or the anti-record, depending on who you're cheering for) will last forever. But we have to move onto our next daredevil match.


How would you like the beginning of the match with a three-minute fight on Roshan? What would you say if there were 20 kills up to that point? Any guesses on how the game could have ended? Well, we're gonna tell you anyway. So, the match ran for 22 minutes and 20 seconds. There were 89 kills (it's 1 kill every 15 seconds). Team Darer hadn't been reaching for the stars at all, but this team along with their opponents from Mousesports should be put into DotA2 hall of fame for this spectacular game alone. Here's this match's insane action:



Another one happened a year ago, but team Dignitas' former players will remember this game for a long time, because the 30-second demolition of the base on all three sides couldn't possibly be replicated. One more reason for this is that the Tiny's extra damage bug is now fixed. Be it a bug or not, one's gonna cry and scream when all three towers and six barracks are down in less than a minute:



Maybe it's not the most exciting match in DoTA2's competitive history, but after having watched it, nobody will question the necessity of closing the door before you decide to rape someone hard just to make sure that no one is going to do the same to you. Team EG forgot this simple rule, but it can be understood because they took down all opponents' towers. The victory seemed as approachable as a girl from the escort service. What happened next looked like this:



Unfortunately for EG, sometimes you have to deal with angry pimps, who will come after you and rape you hard if you don't want to pay. That's exactly how team SQL punished their opponents for not paying for the teleports:



But you know what? The rivalry between professional teams is boring compared to some real freaking out in the match-making. And we have a perfect game to exemplify this theory! Are you ready?


What is the longest duration of a match up to date? An hour? Maybe two? Forget it, because these guys played for almost three hours. Three damn freaking hours which could be spent doing very useful things like watching the first part of the LotR trilogy or review for the 27th time how M5 lost to E-Home. Instead, we had 600k of farmed gold, 211 deaths, and about 7 rapiers spread all over the map towards the end of the game. The enemy had 5 hex, so the main question of this match goes to the sniper: dude, have you ever heard of bkb?



There you have it, folks. Seven matches of madness within variable degrees. We would like you to rate them in the comments in ascending order (from least insane to most insane). If you think that all of these games suck big time in terms of madness then offer your own suggestions in the comment section below!

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