The Numbers of October

October was a pretty successful month for our Dota 2 team, playing not only in online leagues, but also winning the Starladder VII LAN finals in Kiev. All in all, the amount of games was big enough to watch the VODs on a boring autumn night with a cup of tea and to show you the data that we have collected.

Let’s begin!


The team played on 43 maps in the last month. On the following charts you can see not only the tournament that we’ve participated in, but also a lot more. For example, how often our team had the first pick or what teams that have met and also the side that they were playing for the most.

As we can see, the team that we have met the most in this month is Alliance, our team played the most matches in the WePlay Dota 2 league, while the most frequent side is the Dire. Our team won most of the maps and had 23 first picks out of 43 in total.


In the next chart we will review the picks and bans, starting with the heroes that were banned and picked first by Puppey.

As we can see, the picks list is way more diverse than the bans one. We have only 3 most unwanted heroes that were banned by our team, while we have 2 times more of this number in the picks list. Naga Siren tops not only the first ban by our team, but also the overall ban list. You can see that in the next chart.

Together with Naga we have Elder Titan, Batrider, Clockwerk and Weaver. The full list of all Natus Vincere’s bans can be found in the following chart.

Now let’s check the picks. Here is the list of the most picked heroes in the 43 official games of the previous month.

Batrider and Enchantress share the title of the most picked heroes of the month, and right after them we have Lifestealer and Timbersaw, with Bounty Hunter closing the top 5 chart.


Looking on the picks list, we can remark a few interesting picks like Axe, Spectre, Morphling and Slardar. Lately, it’s decently rare to see these heroes in professional matches, but if we remember the history, so in most cases picking unexpected heroes brings us the victory.

Now let’s move to the personal score of each player in October. Who died the most in one map and in total in this month, who killed and who is the best kill assistant? The answers can be found right here, in the graph below.

And to close this article we have our last graph that represents the time records of our games for this month. What game was the longest, and what score made us wait the shortest time?

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