The Summit by BTS

The well-known broadcasting studio Beyond the Summit has decided to try on the role of Dota 2 tournament organizers for the first time. Please welcome - The Summit. From June 5th to June 8th six of the world's strongest teams will meet in BTS Studio's LAN-finals. But, some of The Summit's finals participants are already known. Rightfully, for their accomplishments throughout the past 4 months, two squads have already landed their spots, namely, these are Natus Vincere who finished first in SLTV VII, SLTV VIII, DreamLeague and DK who triumphed in WPC-ACE and G-League


In order to assign the rest of the 4 tournament spots in the global LAN-finals BTS will organize online-qualifiers for the three major regions of the world: Europe, America and Asia. The qualifiers will be held from April to May and the winners will be supported financially in their trips to the LAN-finals. 


The starting prize pool of The Summit - $50 000. As it is the case of many other tournaments, purchases of in-game items linked to the BTS Studio tournament will increase this number. More details regarding this will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


Another pleasant surprise for the viewers was the promise made by BTS Studio of making players' role in the tournament coverage more active compared to what we've all got accustomed to by now. When participants are not occupied with the competitive part of The Summit, we'll be able to see them in the tournament commentators' role and more. BTS Studio also want to make a stronger bond between teams and fans, as well as show the personalities behind the names of professional players.  


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