The Town, a Mafia LAN party

A very interesting announcement has seen the daylight recently: The Town - a so-called Mafia LAN will take place very soon in Los Angeles, USA. It will feature well known Dota 2 personalities in a verbal battle with all the actions live on stream! Dota 2 personalities alongside entertaining us during LANs are also known to use that opportunity to play a popular game called Mafia. So far it has been something happening it the backstage but soon it will be brought into the spotlight as we will have a chance to witness The Town - a Mafia “LAN party”. This is what the organiser, Charlie Yang (professionally the manager of Evil Geniuses Dota 2 squad) had to say about it:
Welcome to The Town.
This December 28th to 30th, I would like to invite you all to join us for The Town, A Mafia LAN. Twenty two of your most loved or most hated Dota personalities will abandon their families in the middle of the holiday season to travel to Los Angeles to verbally berate and manipulate each other for your viewing pleasure. 
The main stream can be found here.
Who will we see battling it out in that verbal battle? The full list can be found under this link. It includes the likes of Hot_Bid, WhatIsHip (Gerg), Charlie Yang, LD, ODPixel, Nahaz, Fwosh, SirActionSlacks, Purge, Capitalist and many more!
Mafia is an 8+ player game that takes about a half hour. The basic concept is that members of the dreaded mafia have infiltrated a community and the players, as concerned citizens, need to root them out. So every day citizens hold a town meeting and lynch someone who is suspected of being a member of the mafia. This person is picked in a voting. Then, every "night" the mafia secretly meet and pick a townsperson to kill; the townspeople learn about it in the morning. There is a also an undercover cop floating around somewhere who can help the townspeople. All the decision are based on the discussion that happens during the day. Full rules can be found here.
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