The Winter Veil commences

Today Blizzard announced their Winter Veil event to celebrate Christmas; it will be live for 30 days, featuring many treats for players. There are quests that give you up to two weeks of free Stimpack just by playing the game, a new Goblin mount and a whole bunch of Winter themed items for you to buy.
To make sure your dedication to the game is rewarded, Blizzard is offering you the chance to progress faster in the game with quests that reward you with Stimpacks for completing matches. The details are as follows:
Play 15 games: Earn a 4 day Stimpack
Play 50 games: Earn a 10 day Stimpack
To add to that, for the duration of the event you can ride around the Nexus in your own Goblin mount that is given to each to player for free to ensure no time is wasted while traveling to the lanes.
Image courtesy of Blizzard
Finally if you want to pimp up your heroes, you can buy some new skins or mounts that Blizzard is releasing with a 50% discount. The list of new and returning cosmetics can be found here
So make sure you get in the holiday spirit and travel to the Nexus to participate in this wonderful event!
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