Threads of the Guardian Set by Natus Vin

A silent assassin, capable of hiding from enemy sight and ruling the time itself. Master of martial arts and ruler of the Swarm. The Great Weaver of the Universe and an ordinary carry 4 out of 10. Show the greatness of your hero to your enemies with a new Threads of the Guardian set by Natus Vincere.



Support another project of your favorite team with your voice in the Workshop. 5 unique items crafted in traditional Weaver colors will complement perfectly the hero’s image. Chitin plates serve as a reliable protection for the seemingly fragile hero. Special spells written in ancient rune language are covering each one of them. Rumor has it, that these spells activate XBOCT’s aura and bring many victories to its owner.




Help Weaver(4) find its way to the Dota 2 shop: Vote now!

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