YeS - the winners of EU Open Qualifier!


Today the name of the team, which will fight for the right to participate in The International 2015 along with UkraineNatus Vincere, became known. This is the Russian team Russian FederationYellow Submarine. Open European qualifiers is over now. 1024 teams participated in it to test their skills and luck. The format of all the matches up to the quarter final was best-of-1. The best-of-3 format was applied beginning from the semifinals.


The participants worth mentioning were: Russian Federation Moscow5, International 4 Clover & Lepricon, Bulgaria Basically Unknown, Russian Federation aSpera, International hehe united. It's notable that the first 2 teams left the qualifiers at unexpectedly early stages 256 and 128 respectively. Perhaps it was due to the underestimation of the rivals. Well the teams and the players need to learn such harsh lesson from time to time. This year's main event will lack such players as Ukraine Goblak, Russian Federation yol, Sweden Wagamama, Russian Federation Vanskor, Russian Federation sQreen and many other.


Two teams from Europe and two teams from the CIS region encountered in the semifinal stage. Though Ukrainian team Ukraine ScaryFaceZ0 fiercely opposed the estern-european players of International PUB PLAYERS, but sadly to their fans, lost and left the qualifiers. Simultaneously the Poles of  Germany Team Alternate fought against the Russians of Russian Federation Yellow Submarine. After 3 tense matches yellow submarine won.


The final encounter was very exciting. Both teams strived to get to the final stage of the European qualifiers. Having lost the first match, Russian Federation Yellow Submarine didn't lose its diesel heart and managed to win the second game. In the third game, they pressed International PUB PLAYERS and won the  game 

Tournament brackets:

0 Ukraine ScaryFaceZ
1International PUB PLAYERS
WinRussian Federation Yellow Submarine
2 International PUB PLAYERS
1 Germany Team Alternate
2Russian Federation Yellow Submarine
2 Ukraine Yellow Submarine


Winner team:

Russian Federation Yellow Submarine was founded in 2014. The biggest prize won in official tournaments is € 500 at GIGABYTE Challenge #13. In the final of the tournament they were defeated by Bulgaria Basically Unknown, which leaved the qualifiers in stage 1/64. 

Team squad:

Russian Federation Andrew "PSM" Dunaev

Russian Federation Dmitry "Barash" Lednikov

Russian Federation Eugene "Fervian" Aksionov

Russian Federation Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naydionov

Russian Federation Dmitry "Dale" Rudnev

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