TI 2015: The best games of Americas qualifier


One a week has passed since the last day of The International 2015 qualifiers. So the full list of the teams to visit Seattle is already known. Now we simply need to wait till August for this grand tournament to start.
In the meanwhile we suggest recalling some of the best games from the American qualifier. Since the games started at night by CET, many of you could have missed them. And truth be told, the level of most of the participants was quite low.
Nevertheless, some games turned out to be phenomenal. They are a “must see” for any single Dota 2 fan. Without further ado, we present you 5 of the worthiest games in our opinion. 


United States ROOT vs Canada mousesports (group stage, game 2):

We’ll start with this game. Basically, it doesn’t really stand out. A match between two decent squads dragged on to the late game. As you may know, Anti-Mage Anti-Mage is one of the strongest 6-slotted hero in the game, so it is extremely hard to defeat him in the later stages. It is even harder when you are lagging behind significantly.


Thought United States ROOT had different thoughts. Not only did they level the mousesports’ advantage, they’ve also managed to achieve a huge comeback victory. After all, GyrocopterGyrocopter with Divine Rapier is a dangerous weapon.



United States Leviathan vs Peru Not Today (group stage, game 2):

What happens to the teams that know for sure they have no chance of getting out of the group and therefore they will have to watch Seattle battles at home? The answers may vary. Chinese teams, despite the circumstances, try to do their best.

As for the American teams, they've done it in a different way and decided to make the game an awesome performance. Neighbourly chatter and amusing picks of Pudge Pudge and  Techies make this game unique in front of the other ones. We recommend you watching this one. By the way, the game was not at all fast, as one may think and lasted for about 40 minutes.


Canada Void Boys vs United States Wheel Whreck While Whistling (group stage, game 2):

Hardly anybody was expecting this match to be that exciting. But these “not so strong” teams gave their fans incredible emotions.

Once in a while a game doesn’t end with a fight, but with base race. In moments like this everyone only thinks of who will come first. Essentially, these games are a “must see” for anyone, who is fond of the game. Especially considering this race was an extraordinary one. 


United States North American Rejects vs Canada mousesports (play-off, game 3):

We just couldn’t come by the game, which eliminated mousesports fom the qualifiers. One of the qualifier favourites dropped out without even making it to the grand finals. Doubtless, this loss was a floorer for Germany Black^ and his teammates.

As for United States North American Rejects, they’ve made a good use of their home stategy and earned a well-won trip to the grand finals.


Peru Not Today vs United States North American Rejects (group stage, game 2):

Finally, we’ve made it to the top. The game between Peru Not Today and United States North American Rejects within the group stage will be long remembered by the Dota 2 fans. This game can be rightfully called one of the best in the entire qualifier series. It was indeed a complete madness!

Lost early game, huge experience drawback, 3 broken lanes – all these things only whetted the folks from United States NAR. With no buildings in their base other than throne, they’ve managed to commit to one final push and pierce their opponent. A slogan for this match is “never back down”.


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