The International 2015: Southeast Asia


Regional qualifiers in Southeast Asia will begin on the same day as the European qualifiers. The teams, participating in the Asian qualifiers are the least known to the European community. The grand tournaments are seldom held in this region. That's why, we'll meet many teams for the first time.

However, some teams are well-known.  Philippines Rave and Korea, Republic of MVP participated at previous Dota Asia Championship. By the way, the Philippine team managed to take 5-6 places, which is a great result. We've seen Korea, Republic of MVP at many tournaments: The International 2014, StarLadder, etc. However, the lineup has undergone changes ever since. Due to the discrepancies the players divided into 2 teams: Korea, Republic of MVP.HOT6ix and Korea, Republic of MVP.Phoenix. It is notably that Finland JerAx, former player of Finland 4 Anchors + Sea Captain, plays in "hot six".

The squad of  Malaysia G-Guard Esports looks interesting too. The old players Malaysia YamateH and Malaysia WinteR are well capable of overplaying everyone at these qualifiers.

The remaining participants are less known in Europe, but they still remain dangerous rivals for the Europeans. It will be most interesting to watch Asian qualifiers, since it is always exciting to open new new stars in Dota 2 universe, all the more the level of performance in the region is traditionally very high. So make sure you'll see a couple of the Asian matches too!


Time (CEST):

  • 29 May, 05:00 – 17:00. Goup stage. Day 1
  • 30 May, 04:00 – 16:00. Goup stage. Day 2
  • 31 May, 04:00 – 16:00. Play off. Day 1
  • 1 June, 04:00 – 15:00. Play off. Day 2


Lounge (24 hours)

Tournament table:

group A
# Team V-D-L Maps S
1. Singapore MVP Hot6 2-2-0 6-2 8
2. Philippines TNC Gaming 2-1-1 5-3 7
3. Malaysia G Guard Esports 1-2-1 4-4 5
4. Korea, Republic of Mineski 1-1-2 3-5 4
5. Philippines 5eva 1-0-3 2-6 3


# Team V-D-L Maps S
1. Korea, Republic of Rave 3-1-0 7-1 10
2. Thailand MVP.Phoenix 3-1-0 7-1 10
3. Australia Can't Say Wips 1-1-2 3-5 4
4. Philippines Signature-Trust 1-0-3 2-6 3
5. Malaysia Invasion eSports 0-1-3 1-7 1



Note! The first matches of each qualifiers day begin at 5:00 CEST. The game begins straight after the ending of the previous one.

Time (CEST) Match 1 Stream Match 2 Stream

29 May:

OVER Philippines Rave [2:0] Malaysia Invasion SLTV1 Korea, Republic of MVP [2:0] Thailand Sig.Trust SLTV4
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP.H6 [1:1] Malaysia G-Guard SLTV1 Singapore 5eva [0:2] Philippines TNC SLTV4
OVER Thailand Sig.Trust [0:2] Philippines Rave SLTV1 Malaysia Invasion [1:1] Australia CSW SLTV4
OVER Philippines TNC [1:1] Korea, Republic of MVP.H6 SLTV1 Malaysia G-Guard [1:1] Philippines Mineski SLTV4
OVER Philippines Mineski [2:0] Philippines TNC SLTV1 Korea, Republic of MVP.H6 [2:0] Singapore 5eva SLTV4

30 May:

OVER Australia CSW [2:0] Thailand Sig.Trust SLTV1 Philippines Rave [1:1] Korea, Republic of MVP SLTV4
OVER Singapore 5eva [2:0] Philippines Mineski SLTV1 Philippines TNC [2:0] Malaysia G-Guard SLTV4
OVER Malaysia G-Guard [2:0] Singapore 5eva SLTV1 Philippines Mineski [0:2] Korea, Republic of MVP.H6 SLTV4
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP [2:0] Australia CSW SLTV1 Malaysia Invasion [0:2] Thailand Sig.Trust SLTV4
OVER Malaysia Invasion [0:2] Korea, Republic of MVP SLTV1 Australia CSW [0:2] Philippines Rave SLTV4



United StatesAaron Chambers
  South AfricaCameron Scott
  United States William Lee
  United States Austin Walsh
United States Andy Stiles

United Kingdom Gareth Bateson


  Australia David Parker
  Germany Kai Hanbückers
United States Dakota Cox
  United States Bryan Herren
  United States David Gorman
  United States Ben Wu
United States Travis Bueno
  United Kingdom Owen Davies
  United States Kevin Godec
  United States Shannon Scotten

Denmark Troels Lyngholt Nielsen



Australia Toby Dawson


Sweden Johan Westberg


United States Andrew Campbell

Participant teams line-ups:


Singapore 5eva


Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix


Philippines Mineski


Australia Can't Say Wips

Singapore Joel «Chibix» Chan Jian Yong
Singapore Ang «Ks» Kok Sin
Malaysia Adrian «Ysaera» Rui Wui Hong
Singapore Wilson «Poloson» Koh Chin Wei
Singapore Galvin «Meracle» Kang Jian Wen
  Korea, Republic of Lee «Forev» Sang-don
Korea, Republic of Pyo «MP» No-a
Korea, Republic of Lee «SunBhie» Jeong-jae
Korea, Republic of Lee «Heen» Seung-gon
Finland Jesse «JerAx» Vainikka
  Philippines Ryan «Bimbo» Jay Qui
Philippines Carlo «Kuku» Palad
Philippines Jessie «JessieVash» Cristy Cuyco
Philippines Jose «Gio» Ramolete
Philippines Joshua «Owa» dela Serna
  Singapore Wei «Chains» Sheng Tan
Singapore Wong «weddingcrash» Weiquan
Singapore Yao «Tudi» Wen Teo
Australia Darcy «Godot» Jose
Malaysia Adam «343» Shah

Philippines Rave


Philippines TnC Gaming


Thailand Signature.Trust


Korea, Republic ofMVP Phoenix

Canada Jio «Jeyo» Madayag
Philippines Ryo «ryOyr» Hasegawa
Philippines Djardel «Chrissy» Jicko Mampusti
Philippines Mark «Cast» Pilar
United States Michael «ninjaboogie» Ross
  Philippines Nico «eyyou» Barcelon
Philippines John «teehee» Linuel Abanto
Philippines Sam «sam_H» Hidalgo
Philippines Jonel «seven» Jay Maguddayao
Philippines Ceejay «gnoji» Pelagio
  Thailand Pipat «LaKelz» Prariyachat
Thailand Kittikorn «MyPro» Inngoen
Thailand Chanon «aabBAA» Chiwpreecha
Thailand Anucha «Jab-Kaneki» Jivarong
Thailand Attawat «Nokky» Teephom
  Korea, Republic of Kim «Febby» Yong-min
Korea, Republic of Kim «QO» Seon-yeob
Australia Damien «kphoenii» Chok
Korea, Republic of Park «March» Tae-won
Singapore Wong «NutZ» Jeng Yih

Malaysia Invasion e-Sports


Malaysia G Guard eSports

Malaysia Jun «dabeliuteef» Liong Loh
Australia Trent «sLiCKz» Tucker
Australia Alex «blackshatan» Chang
Malaysia Joel «XtiNcT» Chan Zhan Leong
Australia Phuc «lordboonz» Nguyen
  Malaysia Benjamin «Ben» Lim Yi Cheong
Malaysia Ng «YamateH» Wei Poong
Malaysia Chan «WinteR» Litt Binn
Malaysia Wai «net» Pern Lim
Malaysia Sim «ling» Woi Cheong


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