The International 2015: China


The first qualifier match of The International 2015 was held yesterday, 25 May at 04:00 CEST. The regional qualifiers started in China. Ten teams are now fighting in order to join the participants of the main tour. The second place is also important, as the team, which took it, will go to the main event in the capacity of Wildcard-match participant.


Unfortunately for Europe and some CIS countries, the games begin early in the morning. Nevertheless, Chinese qualifiers are worth getting up early, since the battle will be epic. The region's teams are prominent for their high level of performance and strategies that  are unusual to Europe and America. It is still hard to name the apparent leaders of the qualifiers.


China TongFu organization has the greatest chance to get to The International 2015. Three squads will represent this organization at the qualifiers. The Old Boys players seem to be the most interesting team. The name of the team corresponds to the squad, as you all know these guys very well: China YYFChina ZhouChina DDChina LongDD. Their games will be most entertaining.

Apart from the old ones, there are many young teams: China Newbee YoungChina Vici Gaming Potentional. They are craving to win and will become a serious rival to any team. These qualifiers is a great chance to find out, if the old ones can oppose the younger generation or its time for them to retire.


Time and date:

  • 25 May, 04:00  16:00 CEST. Group stage. Day 1.
  • 26 May, 04:00  16:00 CEST. Group stage. Day 2.
  • 27 May, 04:00  17:00 CEST. Play off. Day 1.
  • 28 May, 04:00  15:00 CEST. Play off. Day 2.


Lounge (24 hours)




Winners' Finals
Grand Finals

2United States EHOME


0United States CDEC Gaming

Losers' Round 1
Losers' Finals
2ChinaCDEC Gaming
0ChinaCDEC Gaming
2United States Energy Pacemaker
0ChinaEnergy Pacemaker
1Canada Wings Gaming

Tournament table:

Group A
# Team V-D-L Maps S
1. China EHOME 2-2-0 6-2 8
2. China Energy Pacemaker 2-1-1 5-3 7
3. China TongFu.Oldboys 1-1-2 3-5 4
4. China TongFu.Wanzhou 0-3-1 3-5 3
5. China Newbee.Young 0-3-1 3-5 3


group B
# Team V-D-L Maps S
1. China CDEC Gaming 4-0-0 8-0 12
2. China Wings Gaming 2-1-1 5-3 7
3. China HyperGloryTeam 1-2-1 4-4 5
4. China Vici Gaming Potential 1-1-2 3-5 4
5. China TongFu 0-0-4 0-8 0



Note! The first matches of each qualifiers day begin at 4:00 CEST. The game begins straight after the ending of the previous one. 

Match schedule:
Time (CEST) Match 1 Stream Match 2 Stream

25 May:

OVER China HGT [2:0] China TF SLTV1 China CDEC [2:0] China VG.P SLTV4
OVER China EHOME [1:1] China TF.WZ SLTV1 China OB [0:2] China EP SLTV4
OVER China VG.P [1:1] China HGT SLTV1 China TF [0:2] China Wings SLTV4
OVER China EP [0:2] China EHOME SLTV1 China TF.WZ [1:1] China NB.Y SLTV4
OVER China NB.Y [0:2] China EP SLTV1 China EHOME [2:0] China OB SLTV4

26 May:

OVER China Wings [2:0] China VG.P SLTV1 China HGT [0:2] China CDEC SLTV4
OVER China OB [1:1] China NB.Y SLTV1 China EP [1:1] China TF.WZ SLTV4
OVER China TF.WZ [0:2] China OB SLTV1 China NB.Y [1:1] China EHOME SLTV4
OVER China CDEC [2:0] China Wings SLTV1 China VG.P [2:0] China TF SLTV4
OVER China TF [0:2] China CDEC SLTV1 China HGT [1:1] China Wings SLTV4



United StatesAaron Chambers
  South AfricaCameron Scott
  United States William Lee
  United States Austin Walsh
United States Andy Stiles

United Kingdom Gareth Bateson


  Australia David Parker
  Germany Kai Hanbückers
United States Dakota Cox
  United States Bryan Herren
  United States David Gorman
  United States Ben Wu
United States Travis Bueno
  United Kingdom Owen Davies
  United States Kevin Godec
  United States Shannon Scotten

Denmark Troels Lyngholt Nielsen



Australia Toby Dawson


Sweden Johan Westberg


United States Andrew Campbell


Line-ups of participant teams


China TongFu


China HyperGloryTeam


China CDEC Gaming



China Sun «Red» Youjia
China Xu «uuu9» Han
China Li «qian» Wenyao
China Luo «Ipc» Puchao
China Zhao «Kabu» Kai
  China Gong «ZSMJ» Jian
China Yin «Air» Yuxiao
China Xu «xtt» Xuntao
China Hu «kaka» Liangzhi
China Zhao «PrettyHaw» Jiabin
  China Sun «Agressif» Zheng
China Huang «Shiki» Jiwei
China Chen «Xz» Zezhi
China Liu «Garder» Xinzhou
China Fu «Q» Bin
  China Yang «Yang» Pu
China Chen «Cty» Tianyu
China Bai «rOtK» Fan
China Zhang «LaNm» Zhicheng
Macao Liang «DDC» Faming

China Energy Pacemaker


China Vici Gaming Potential


China Wings Gaming


China Newbee Young

China Yixuan «FaN» Fan
China Zhiyong «old chiken» Wang
China Lei «123456» Meng
China le
China lt
  China Huo «xll» Xiaole
China Zhou «Yang» Haiyang
China Xu «Lin» Ziyang
China Gao «dogfight» Tianpeng
China Zhou «James» Yifu
  China Liu «xdd» Silong
China Yang «InJuly» Xiaodong
China Su «super» Peng
China jdh
China hdhp-cqc
  China Peng «飘杰» Renjie
China Song «Sccc» Chun
China Yang «456» Shihao
China Liu «MKSos» Yufeng
China Meng «Mrrr» Duo

China TongFu.WanZhou


China TongFu.Old Boys

China Yuan «DDR» Zhenghao

China Mao «Sayaka» Mingyuan
China Zhao «XinQ» Zixing

China yCyk

China zExBinGo

  China Jiang «YYF» Cen
China Chen «Zhou» Yao
China Xie «DD» Bin
China Zou «LongDD» Yitian
China Huang «820» Xiang


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