TI 2015: 5 best matches of Chinese qualifiers


The International 2015 qualifiers are over. Teams are slowly recovering from the marathon and attending to their affairs. Some are already preparing for the main event of the year, while others are taking part in the current tournaments or, furious from defeat, are disbanding the squads and hoping for the better. We have decided to refresh our memory about the qualifiers in all regions and have chosen 5 of the best games in each qualifier. Let's start with China.


Overall, Chinese qualifiers stuck in memory as ones with very tight plays and the longest average game lenght of 40 minutes and 31 seconds. The teams were being active for the most part only when sure of their own strength. Sometimes one could wait for either first blood or a decent fight for ages, so the viewers had no other option but to watch extremely careful plays and endless farming. For example, the longest game of the qualifiers between China TongFu and China Vici Gaming Potential was bringing us "joy" for 1 hour 16 minutes and 38 seconds.


We had some luck, however and did have a game or two of rather untypical Chinese dota. Thus, we sometimes had a fair share of constant fights, fast movement around the map and prompt victories. The fastest game between China CDEC Gaming and China TongFu lasted only above 13 minutes. So, we tried to pick the most fascinating games in our opinion, all of which are worth watching or at least mentioning when discussing the Chinese qualifiers.

China CDEC Gaming vs China Vici Gaming Potential (group stage, game 1)

The first game in our list can be called a flawless victory. China CDEC Gaming only required 20 minutes to obliterate the opponent, without allowing them to make a single kill. The match ended with a dry 14:0! Lovers of such games should totally add this one to their collection. Speaking of the entire series, China Vici Gaming Potential had basically no chance. CDEC showed their dominance on both maps and received a legitimate victory.



China TongFu.WanZhou vs China Newbee Young (group stage, game 2)

This game would be great for those who like immediate action an endless struggle. These teams organized a bloodbath on the top lane even before the creep spawn. Furthermore, the entire game they both didn't hesitate to fight and were constantly looking for potential openings and frags. There was also a notable mini-comback by TongFu, who managed to pull this one over and tie the score. Surely, there were games with even more fights and trades but this game was remembered as one, that could alter the final position of the teams in the group.



China Energy Pacemaker vs China Newbee Young (group stage, game 1)

The next game will catch fancy of people who enjoy intense games with tie-outs at the very last seconds of the match. This one was keeping everyone on their toes right until the end. For about an hour both teams were fighting to the death and the advantage was constantly changing hands. Just like in a good action movie, the good guys and the bad guys sorted it all out in a duel, which in our case was an epic base race. As a result, the series ended with EP's victory, who managed to come first in the second game as well.



China CDEC Gaming vs China Wings Gaming (group stage, game 2)

Our list continues with the game of CDEC vs Wings. In this game the "wings" put up a real fight with one of the qualifier favourites. On both maps the winner was decided only in the last minute. We have chosen the second game because both teams have both been on the leading and on the lagging behind end. Eventually it all ended after Wings' crucial mistake. We would highly recommend you the first map as well, in case you like this sort of games. Unfortunately, the replay of this game is not yet available in English, and can only be found in Russian, Chinese and French. Therefore, we can only enclose the Russian version here and advise you to go over to your Dota 2 client and find the game there, it is available for free.



China CDEC Gaming vs China EHOME (grand-finals, game 4)

The last game of this list is the one that brought EHOME their ticket to The International 2015 main event. The map went down for the comeback by rOtK and his squad. They've managed to overcome seemingly irreversible lead and win the game. EHOME showed an extremely strong game and rightfully became top team, while the last game of the series became an icing on the qualifier cake.


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