10 incredible comebacks of TI 2015


The biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year — The International 2015 — is over and we already know the name of its champion. American team United States Evil Geniuses won the first place in a very close match against their opponents. However, the season has not come to an end, and the most interesting, yet the saddest part of the year — reshuffles — is still ahead. Year after year, teams are trying to perfect their rosters, looking for stronger and more talented players.


However, we still have a few weeks before the start of reshuffles. As for now, let's reminisce the games of The International 2015. This article features ten matches the winners of which were difficult to predict until the last moments. Sometimes, the teams managed to turn the tide of the match and win in the most unfavorable situations.



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs International Cloud9 (game 1):

This match is definitely worth noticing, as the comeback which took place in it was one of the most interesting to watch. The Born to Win were outplaying their opponents throughout the whole game, being ahead in terms of both gold and experience. At one point, their domination reached 20 000 gold mark, but  International Cloud 9 were reluctant to give such a desirable victory away. Having mustered all their forces, they managed to enter Ukraine Na`Vi's highground and, to the huge surprise of all fans, destroy their ancient. It is interesting that Natus Vincere had 10 000 gold advantage at the moment when the game ended. 



International Fnatic vs China LGD Gaming (game 2):

The next video shows beautiful performance of International Fnatic that managed to compose themselves closer to the end of the game and win a few team fights even despite unsuccessful beginning. They not only closed the 15 000 gold gap between them and China LGD Gaming, but also gained considerable advantage. Perhaps, they would be able to even clinch the win in this match, but the outstading  China Sylar's play on  Anti-Mage Anti-Mage saved the Chinese team.



China Vici Gaming vs Russian Federation Virtus.pro (game 2):

In this game Russian Federation Virtus.pro were hindered from doing what they have planned right from the beginning, because of Anti-Mage Anti-Mage and Broodmother Broodmother, one of Singapore iceiceice favorite heroes. While the Singaporean player was distracting the attention of his opponents, ChinaHao was farming all necessary items and, as a result, started to present a very serious challenge. 35 minutes into the game, China Vici Gaming had a considerable 12 000 gold advantage, but their domination was stopped thanks to concerted efforts of Ukraine DkPhobos (Dark Seer Dark Seer) and Ukraine Lil (Earthshaker Earthshaker) that managed to win a few team fights. Then, it was time for Russian Federation God (Gyrocopter Gyrocopter) to step up and all  Vici Gaming's chances to win were vanished.



Russian Federation Virtus.pro vs Russian Federation Team Empire (game 1):

This game was indeed one of the most intense out of The International 2015 group stage matches. The Bears tried to surprise their opponents, picking Lina Lina as a carry for Russian Federation IllidanSTR and being over-aggressive overall. This plan was working in the early game, and Russian Federation Virtus.pro gained 10 000 gold advantage. However, after a few unfavorable team fights, Russian Federation Team Empire's late game-oriented pick became more effective and they have won a game. Yes, Lina is a very nice choice, but, unfortunately, she can't kill more than one enemy during the team fight. 



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs United States compLexity Gaming (game 1):

Here is another Ukraine Natus Vincere match that will probably evoke sad memories among our fans. Despite having 10 000 gold advantage and Lycan Lycan, the hero that can destroy enemy's highground quite early, Na`Vi were unable to close the match and transitioned to the late-game phase. Naga Siren Naga Siren, who had successfully farmed all necessary items, started putting pressure on our players, forcing them to teleport to their base and defend it. As a result, United States compLexity Gaming managed to win.




Russian Federation Team Empire vs China LGD Gaming (game 1):

Russian Federation Team Empire encountered a very serious opponent China LGD Gaming in the first Upper Bracket round. Throughout the entire group stage, the team under the leadership of legendary China xiao8 showed incredible performance and, as a result, took the first place in group A. That was the reason why LGD Gaming were the favorites to win this match. However, the Russians had already proved that they сould beat the strongest Chinese teams at many Asian tournaments before. Team Empire started playing in extremely aggressive way and were initiating team fights right from the beginning. It seemed like their opponents were not prepared for such fast style of playing, so during a few minutes they managed to gain a very considerable advantage. However, all their attempts to enter highground were unsuccessful. Russian Federation Silent even tried to get a kill under T4, but experienced team LGD Gaming managed to handle it, turn the tide of the game in their favor, and win.



Russian FederationVirtus.pro vs United StatescompLexity Gaming (game 1):

This clash was very memorable for many Dota 2 fans, as it featured Russian Federation Virtus.pro, the last hope of CIS viewers at The International 2015. The team started playing quite confidently and took the lead right from the beginning with the great performance of  Ukraine DkPhobos and Russian Federation God. However, Americans were not ready to lose and closed 10 000 gold advantage. Then, Virtus.pro once again proved how strong they are and gained 12 000 advantage, but were shut down with United States compLexity Gaming’s  Bristleback Bristleback + Io Io combo and late-game pick.



Korea, Republic ofMVP Phoenix vs Russian FederationTeam Empire (game 2):

Here is another sensational match for many fans, who didn’t expect such a great performance from Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix. The style of Korean team remained unchanged throughout the entire tournament — they picked extremely aggressive heroes and tried to initiate fights every time it was possible. In this game, they decided to choose Bounty HunterBounty Hunter whose aggressive behavior helped them to win every team fight. However, they were caught off guard in Roshan Pit and all died due to Russian FederationTeam Empire’s actions and nice Tombstone by Russian Federation yoky. The Russians managed to take 12 000 gold lead, but MVP Phoenix were unstoppable and despite the lost fight, managed to win the game. 


China Vici Gaming vs China EHOME (game 1):

Enjoy another amazing play of China Vici Gaming where they proved that you can win a match with any heroes if you have a plan how to combine them. The casters were quite skeptical at first, seeing  Pugna Pugna and Zeus Zeus in one pick, and a bad start made their feelings even worse. ChinaEHOME were dominating throughout the entire match, but were simply “vanished” in the last team fight.



ChinaVici Gaming vs InternationalCloud9 (game 1):

This comeback is probably one of the greatest ones from The International 2015 playoff stage. Even despite unconvincing group stage performance,  International Cloud9 started to dominate right from the beginning of this match, increasing their lead minute after minute. They reached 17 000 gold advantage 35 minutes into the game, but China Vici Gaming, as usual, managed to impress everybody and take a win. China Hao and his Spectre Spectre deserves the title of the MVP of the match, while  Canada EternaLEnVy, on the other hand, played quite badly.



That is it, our dear readers. Which games did you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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