TI 2015: The best games of European qualifier


Previously we have featured the most interesting games of the American and Chinese The International 2015 qualifiers, as well as the SEA region ones. Now it's time to have alook at the most interesting region, namely Europe. In the span of several days here were battling Ukraine Natus Vincere, Sweden Alliance, Russian Federation Vega Squadron and others for the slot at the biggest event of this year.

A handful of games were played, some of which have carved into spectators' memory. One could barely describe the emotions we had during the qualifier. Each one of you must have rooted for your favourite team. Despite all the predictions Ukraine Natus Vincere have managed to win the qualifiers and regain their fans' trust. In some games, Ukraine Na`Vi have come out of seemingly hopeless situations. Other teams have also proved that one should play up until the end and never lose faith.

Let's recall the European battles once more. This article contains 5 games, which in our opinion every Dota 2 fan should see.


Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Russian Federation HellRaisers (group stage, game 2)

Even after a month after this game it is still hard to understand how "Born to win" managed to pull this one off. Ukraine Na`VI were significantly behind in terms of gold from the minute 45 and on. Russian Federation HellRaisers' advantage grew with every second. At one point, it exceeded the 20 000 gold mark, which is almost an unbeatable advantage. 

But figures are nothing compared to the desire for victory. One final fight on mid and a good ultimate by Ukraine ArtStyle secured the victory for our team. Fun fact: when the game ended, Russian Federation HellRaisers were still 14 000 gold ahead.



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Russian Federation Vega Squadron (group stage, game 2)

Speaking about the best qualifier games, one can't but mention this one. Few were expecting this match to be that awesome. For the entire length of the game UkraineNa`Vi were lagging behind and were one step away from losing their throne. Proof of that is a huge gold difference and 2 destroyed lanes.

But, as we all know, some ultimates can turn the tide. One good example is Magnus Magnus's Reverse Polarity. Now, what if there were several heroes with such ultimates? Timing those properly may result in what you can see in this game.

Though, reading about a game is useless, you need to see this yourself.



Belarus Power Rangers vs Sweden Alliance (group stage, game 1)

Our next game might be not the most spectacular one, but its importance is hard to overestimate. Let us remind you that meeting the Belarusian team was the last thing to happen with Sweden Alliance within this stage. In order to advance to play-off, they had to win this match. At that time Belarus Power Rangers were considered to be the underdogs of the tournament and were performing poorly, thus, this game should have been an easy one for the Swedes.

However, these underdogs became the stumbling block for Sweden Alliance. A sudden pick of Alchemist Alchemist ruined the game for The International 2013 champion and left them no chance to proceed in the tournament. This game is a demonstrative example of why one should never underestimate an opponent.



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Finland 4 Anchors + Sea Captain (play-off, game 3)

The final struggle between Ukraine Na`Vi VS Finland 4 Anchors + Sea Captain made both teams' fans a good run for their money. "Born to win" started the match confidently and were leading for almost the entire game. However, they slacked off at the end, which was immediately used by the Finns. And after a couple of fights they were the ones ahead. The fate of this game was open to question.

Looking back, this game would decide a team to secure the trip to The International 2015. Just imagine what the players were feeling! Every missclick could have been their last one and everyone was stretched to the limit. At the end of the day, our guys have managed to get together and pull this one off.

By the way, there would have been 1 less CIS team at the TI, if this match had ended differently.



Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Russian Federation Vega Squadron (play-off, game 3)

You might have expected the last game on our list to be the one that provided someone with a ticket to the TI main event. But you would be wrong. The decisive game of Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Russian Federation Vega Squadron will be long remembered. These teams were fighting to the bitter end. The loser would be eliminated from the tournament and it seemed like the Swedes would not let "the Sharks" go through. The advantage of the Swedish team was overwhelming.

However, Ukraine Na`Vi appear to be not the only ones, able to comeback. Russian Federation Vega Squadron have proven they were the ones, who deserved to go to The International 2015. Perhaps, this was the toughest and the most exhausting game in the entire series. They had to win and they did it.

We highly recommend you watch this one!



We consider these games to be the "must see" for any Dota 2 fan. You might disagree with us, since there have been a plenty of fascinating games in this qualifier. If this is the case, please don't hesitate to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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