TI 2015: All Na'Vi groupstage matches


The last matches of the groupstage of The International 2015 have ended today in the early morning hours. The teams will have a break until the 3rd of August when will they meet again in the walls of  the KeyArena in Seattle. In this main event the 16 teams will find out who will get the prestige and be the world's best team with some of the teams facing elimination in the first round already.

Many of our fans watched the performance from our guys against China Invictus Gaming in front of their monitors. But there also were some people who could not watch the games for various reasons. One of those would be the different time zones as many games started late at night or even early in the morning, so CIS ambassadors couldn't watch some matches. 

In this news we collected all of the VOD's including Ukraine Natus Vincere. Despite the bad performance of the team, we encourage you to watch them. In fact, the "Born To Win" squad had a good start, forcing their opponents to fight due to the aggressive playstyle. We believe that the guys will watch their replays, find out the mistakes and will perform a lot better in the final stage of this year's International. 

In the meantime enjoy the VOD's of the last games. Pay attention to the matches against International Team Secret, Malaysia fnatic and International Cloud9. There are some very interesting and memorable moments in there. Enjoy watching!



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs International Cloud9:



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs United States compLexity Gaming



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs International Team Secret



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Malaysia fnatic



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs China LGD Gaming



Ukraine Natus Vincere vs China Invictus Gaming


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