TI 2015: Main stage infographic


We are happy to show you our new infographic for the main stage of the biggest Dota 2 tournament — The International 2015, where you will find statistics, interesting facts and a lot more!


A few days ago, United States Evil Geniuses won the biggest prize money in the history of the tournament, $ 6 630 000.  China CDEC Gaming, the runner ups, brought home almost $ 3 000 000, which is a little less than the prize-pool of first two International championships.


Lina Lina became the most picked hero; even despite the fact that one year ago her appearance in professional Dota 2 would most probably come as a surprise. Numerous skills of this character allowed Lina to fulfil different roles and be useful every single time. That is why her win rate is so high.Queen of Pain Queen of Pain, in her turn, was unexpectedly useless in games. Maybe the teams that were playing against her learnt how to shut her down or the teams that picked this hero were unsuccessful to show off her potential. Anyway, QoP’s win rate is only 25 %.


Leshrac Leshrac and his first place in “Most banned” section came as no surprise to all Dota 2 fans. Many professional gamers and analysts characterize him as the most unbalanced character, even though his win rate proves quite the opposite — 33,33 %. The second place of this list was quite difficult to anticipate. Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter took it with his 28 bans and incredibly high win rate — 92,31 % in 13 games. Gyrocopter Gyrocopter and Naga Siren Naga Siren were banned 28 and 25 times, respectively. Unexpectedly,Anti-MageAnti-Mage also looked very frightening, as, starting from the group stage, many teams managed to turn the tide of the game with the help of this hero. But the main stage showed only 40% win rate.



Average KDA ratio looks very interesting, too. Three out of TOP-5 players are from the runner up team, while only one is from the team-winner. Anyway, United States Evil Geniuses managed to show a very interesting game in the final part of The International.


Hero  Techies is worth separate mentioning thanks to International Team Secret: he was picked 8 times and banned even more often — 23 times! Who knows, maybe “miner” will present a similar to Leshrac Leshrac challenge in the future? 


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