TI 2015: Highlights from Day 3



All the major games of day 3 of the main event of The International 2015 ended in similar way as the loser teams won game 1 while the winner teams took the remaining two. Some of the major highlights were International Team Secret vs China Invictus Gaming, Russian Federation Virtus.pro vs United States compLexity, United States Evil Geniuses vs China EHOME and China CDEC vs China LGD Gaming.



CDEC took down the leaders of group A, LGD, 2-0 and remains the undefeated team at Key Arena carrying their Cinderella story at TI 5. LGD managed to hold their gold and experience lead throughout the game but CDEC impressed everyone with their calm and collective play. The game took a turn around the 26 minute mark when both teams fighed at the Roshan pit and China Xiaozhi's Darkseer did a beautiful initiation with vacuum on three LGD heroes on the cliff, following up with wombo-combo of Lina and Winter Wyvern. The LGD team got fully wiped as China Agressif's PL cleared the remaining heroes with no causality on their side. CDEC took two lane of racks after this engagement which was too much for LGD to recover and they called GG.



Game 2 was fairly one sided as CDEC was able to retain three heroes of game 1: PL, Lina and Dark Seer. They crushed LGD with a final score of 28-5 within 33 minutes and secured their spot in the upper bracket final.


Team Secret vs Invictus Gaming:

This series was the clash of five previous Aegis holders to regain it! The series went to three games again. Most of the players got their signature hero Shadow Fiend for Arteezy, Chen for Puppey and Tusk for Sweden zai. IG surprised Secret by picking AntiMage as last pick for China BurNing which forced China Ferrari_430 to play Gyro for the first time ever. Puppey played sacrificial support as he purchased two bottles for the core players Arteezy and Sweden s4. Arteezy completed Blink Dagger and Skadi within 22 minutes of the game. Secret claimed Aegis without any problems and went for a high ground push. IG being so experienced were able to defend the push which created space for BurNing's AntiMage to farm. Secret got the second Aegis of the game after ten minutes and tried to push again but that gave sufficient time to BurNing to finish Abyssal blade. IG outplayed Secret again as they defended their base again killing both Arteezy and s4 even with Aegis. Both teams kept farming but the third Roshan was taken by IG which gave the well farmed AntiMage the security to get a rapier. After  a 57 minute long game Secret called GG as BurNing was too hard to counter.



Game 2 was the first time Secret was facing the fear of elimination and they opted for a heavy gank lineup with picks like Lina, Luna, Bounty and Zeus. Secret kept picking off iG heroes all around the map several times. Even BurNing’s PL fell short against the Lina and Zeus combo. Secret went for the final push at the 24 minute mark claiming two sets of racks and wrapping up game two.



Secret went for the same kind of lineup in game 3 also picking Luna and Lina combo but the surprise pick was Puppey’s Shadow shaman. This game was quite slow compared to the last game but iG made a mistake by giving Arteezy free farm on his  Luna fas he was also able to kill BurNing’s SF and China ChuaN’s Witch doctor at the bottom rune. At the 18 minute mark Secret tried to take down Roshan but the Aegis was snatched by Ferrari_430's Storm Spirit. However, some big plays from Puppey helped them to secure the fight. Secret kept wining fight after fight and took two lanes of racks around 40 minutes into the game and after a couple of minutes IG tapped out as they had no hopes of coming back. Secret gave a birthday gift to zai crushing iG’s dreams.


(Author credits: Vijay - follow him on Twitter)

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