TI 2015: Highlights from Day 5


Day five of the main event of The International 2015 was full of emotions as dreams of some players were crushed and others moved one step forward. Only three teams out of sixteen remain and the winner of this year's International will be known in less than 24 hours. Find out how the last CIS team did and how all the games went!


Russian Federation Virtus.pro vs China LGD Gaming:

The series of VP vs LGD was pretty one sided as LGD beat them in straight set of 2-0. LGD opened the draft by banning the most picked hero of VP, Silencer, as it can be played by both Russian Federation G and Russian Federation Illidian, so VP tried the same path used against International Team Secret but managed to secure only Drow Ranger as Visage was banned. China xiao8 swapped roles as he played offlane Clockwork. LGD took the first tower eight minutes into the game and kept ganking the Drow Ranger from the start. LGD claimed Aegis at the 18 minute mark and started a high ground push. The game was over within 35 minutes mark Illidian didn’t have any impact on the game and ended up with a score of 0-11-1.

The second game ban was started by banning Silencer again but VP managed to get Leshrac for Illidian. The overall draft of VP felt a bit shaky as they opted for cores like Leshrac, Queen of Pain and Earthshaker. The game started good for VP but the first gank by LGD at the eleven minute mark stopped the free farm of Illidian. The game seemed to go VP’s way when they managed to win a Roshan fight killing four of the LGD heroes and their courier too. But the weakness of VP’s draft came in picture once Templar Assassin got BKB and LGD won the next Roshan fight getting a team wipe, Bounty Hounter track kills gave them a 7k gold swing with Aegis. LGD too two lanes of racks and the first game.


United States Evil Geniuses vs China CDEC:

The Cinderella story of CDEC continued as they managed to beat EG for a slot in the grand finals as they took the series 2-0. Game one started pretty much in favour of EG as Suma1L was farming quite a bit crushing China Shiki's Templar Assassin in lane. Under pressure CDEC dived Tier 1 which went in favour of EG as that solidified their lead. The game turned around near the Roshan pit at 21 minutes when United States Universe failed to initiate properly which lead to the death of four EG heroes and Aegis for CDEC. With Aegis on Ember CDEC kept pushing as five and gained more momentum. The game changed completely when EG tried use Epicenter into song by Naga Siren of United States Aui_2000 but one big play from China XZ and China Q saved their whole team resulting in a five man wipe of EG and also two sets of melee barracks. With all major items completed on Ember Spirit CDEC took down the next Roshan and cheese at the 44 minute mark killing all five hero of EG later and claiming the game.

The second game of the series was just a stomp as CDEC surprised EG by running a core Bounty Hunter who managed to get early level six and sniping the courier of EG carrying a bottle. China Agressif on his PL was absolutely free farming in the early game and therefore was able to get all his initial items. The first major fight happened 15 minutes into the game which gave CDEC four track kills with a more than 6k gold swing. After five minutes a similar fight happened which made United States PPD realize that their strategy failed and he called a very early ‘GG’.


China Vici Gaming vs China LGD Gaming:

It was the first series of the day which went for three games as two Chinese giants fought for their survival. Both teams opted for heavy AOE damage heroes. Vici drafted Razor which was not successful but the way they laned their hero made them win lanes as they send a carry Queen of Pain on China Hao to safe lane and China Super to mid lane on Razor. With a good early game LGD went for an overconfident dive at a Tier one tower committing five heroes just to kill Super which resulted in four dead heroes in their own team. With a decent lead in gold Vici started a five man push and the game changed when Hao got rampage on Queen of Pain at the 25 minute mark at the bottom Tier 2 tower. Two minues later Vici went for Aegis and LGD tried to contest it with some great moves for iceiceice, which resulted in another team wipe of LGD and a GG call by them.

In Game two the draft for LGD was veryteam fight oriented while on the other side Vici seemed to be out picked as they lacked stuns and control. LGD played very aggressive in the early game, especially China Yao on Tusk. Razor again seemed to be a hero with no impact as he didn't have any the whole game. With a couple of blinks and three force staffs on their side LGD had a lot of initiation which made the game heavily one sided and Vici was forced into game three.

For the last game Vici drafted PL for Hao, but LGD drafted a heavily team fight oriented line up again. The early game was secured for China Maybe’s Shadow Fiend by xiao8’s rotation getting two kills on Super’s’ Lina. The other lanes also went well for LGD as China Sylar was able to get a solo kill on Vici's offlaner. At 30 minutes both Shadow Fiend and Gyrocopter were able to complete Skadi and kept pushing the Tier 3 tower. Shadow Fiend was too strong for Vici to handle and with Aegis claimed by LGD 42 minutes into the game, it shouldn't last long. LGD secured their place in the grand finals eliminating Vici from TI 5.


(Author credits: Vijay - follow him on Twitter)

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