TI 2015: Playoff. Fall of the favorites


The fourth matchday of TI 2015 playoff stage is over. Three bo3 series were played in the lower brackets, determining the teams which took 6-8 places. In the end of the day the viewers enjoyed All Stars Match. Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin participated in it, playing an unusal role.



Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [0:2] China Vici Gaming:

Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix and China Vici Gaming encountered in the first match of the day. The Chinese team was a favorite of the battle, but Korean team, which had defeated Russian Federation Team Empire the day before, was not to be underestimated. The phoenix tried to surprise their rivals during the lines positioning.

Slark Slark was chose for Korea, Republic of QO, who went to the center unexpectedly for many viewers. Meanwhile Queen of Pain Queen of Pain was put to the lower lane to bring much trouble to Singapore iceiceice, playing Clockwerk Clockwerk. Korea, Republic of March on Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker took the upper lane. As concerns China Vici Gaming, they continued proving everyone, that almost any hero can be successfully used in Dota 2. A hero, which seemed to be forgotten at TI 2015, Morphling Morphling was picked for Hao.

At the early stage of the game the situation on the map was uncertain. On the one hand, phoenix brought much trouble to Clockwerk Clockwerk, on the other hand, Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker also went to the tavern. In general there was a balance in the beginning. On the eleventh minute Slark Slark acquired Hand of Midas. This decision was put to question by many analysts after the game, since it resulted in a very late purchase of Blink Dagger. 

On the 17th minute, the advantage of China Vici Gaming was about 5 000 gold. That's when Queen of Pain Queen of Pain finished collecting Orchid Malevolence, united with Slark Slark and Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker and went to kill the enemies all over the map. The aggression of Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix was fruitful: 7 minutes later they caught up with VG and gained advantage of 5 700 gold. However, they didn't kill the key heroes of their rival. Morphling Morphling was earning artifacts all thе time. When he finally entered a battle, Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix began losing. The advantage of Chinese team had reached 15 000 by 40th minute. Furthermore they destroyed all the barracks and summoned mega creeps. Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix didn't think twice and acknowledged their defeat.


As concerns the second match, Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix had no chance at all. Perhaps the loss in the first match undermined their spirit. The game went wrong for them all the way long. They were losing on all the lines, and didn't manage to make any action, which would change the course of the battle somehow. China Vici Gaming didn't rush and acted carefully, so they game lasted as much as 30 minutes. Finally the Koreans acknowledged defeat after having lost all the heroes in an attempt to protect the third tower. China Vici Gaming continued their way at TI 2015, while Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix took 7–8 places.



Russian Federation Virtus.pro [2:1] International Team Secret:

The match was waited by many CIS fans. The last hope of CIS Dota encountered with the favorite of the tournament — International Team Secret. The bears showed a very good level of performance at the championship. However, most analyst predicted the victory of International Team Secret.


The team of Estonia Puppey began the first match from the position of force. They picked very aggressive heroes against a rather passive draft of Russian Federation Virtus.pro. By such pick Estonia Puppey deprived the rivals of the right to mistake. Everyone knows how dangerous Templar Assassin Templar Assassin is, especially when she gets the items to increase her attack. 

Russian Federation Virtus.pro experienced that on 12th and 19th minutes in very unsuccessful fights. They did manage to catch up with International Team Secret after the first fight. However, the loss in the second fight was fatal. Using the acquired advantage, International Team Secret was killing the heroes of Russian Federation Virtus.pro all over the map. In theory, the only saviour for the bears was ultimate of Magnus Magnus cast on 5 heroes, but it never happened, since International Team Secret is a team of top level. Russian Federation Virtus.pro acknowledged their defeat on the 30th minute.



The second game was rather unusual. Carries of both teams took most damage. Canada Arteezy and Russian Federation IllidanSTR died couple of times and fell behind in farm. Sweden s4 played perfectly on Queen of Pain Queen of Pain, terrifying Russian Federation Virtus.pro till the very last moment. 

In general, both teams showed equally high level of performance. The winner of the match couldn't be predicted until the end, as the teams acquired advantage in rotation. Usually, in such situations, the winner is the team, which manages to win a fight, when the rival team has no buybacks. Russian Federation Virtus.pro turned out to be stronger this time. The lack of items of Canada Arteezy influenced the result. Furthermore, a rather specific collection by Estonia Puppey (Crimson Guard + Glimmer Cape) was put to question by analysts.



Once again, International Team Secret decided to pick Queen of Pain Queen of Pain for  Sweden s4Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend for Canada Arteezy. The draft of Russian Federation Virtus.pro was practically the same, as in the previous map. The only difference was the choice of Drow Ranger Drow Ranger. The fans were surprised, as Drow Ranger Drow Ranger is a very arguable hero. Moreover, Russian Federation Virtus.pro doesn't play well on it every time.

Unlike the previous game, this encounter wasn't at all successful for Sweden s4. He died in middle lane during the early stage. Having respawned, he teleported to the bottom line only to be killed once again (he didn't have time to do anything). From this very moment he substantially fell behind in farm and couldn't change the situation in the game. The only hope of International Team Secret was Canada Arteezy, who was doing very well. Estonia Puppey's team was holding for quite a while. However, at the late game, one Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend couldn't do anything with 2 key heroes and the ultimate of Lina Lina. 


In an intense battle, Russian Federation Virtus.pro managed to defeat the favorite of the tournament. International Team Secret ended the championship taking 7-8 place along with Korea, Republic ofMVP Phoenix. Obviously that's not what they expected (as well as many Dota 2 fans). Meanwhile the CIS fans were happy, Russian Federation Virtus.pro being the last team representing Europe (in terms of geography Russia is a part of Europe) at the tournament.


After the match Belarus fng announced the promise he had made to his girlfriend before the match. Seems like VP is not the only winner of the day!


China Vici Gaming [2:0] China EHOME:

The last match of the fourth TI 2015 play off day was an encounter of 2  China Vici Gaming and China EHOME. The teams were to define the winner to continue the participation in the lower brackets and the loser to take 5-6 place. The favorite of the match was hard to define: China EHOME defeated International Team Secret, while China Vici Gaming, notwithstanding an unsuccessful beginning, managed to gather strengths and began smashing the rivals in losers brackets. 

The matches of the 2 teams can be listed as must-see. If you didn't manage to watch the games (for some reason), make sure you find time for that. All the games were intense, the advantage being acquired by each team in turn. China Vici Gaming continued their successful way along the brackets, having shown that Pugna Pugna and Zeus Zeus are capable of winning. China EHOME players performed great, except for China rOtk, whose game wasn't successful at all.


As a result China Vici Gaming won 2:0 and went to the next stage of loser brackets. We'll see them this night playing against a winner of the match China LGD Gaming — Russian Federation Virtus.pro. The International 2015 goes on!

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