TI 2015: The best games of SEA qualifier


It has been a while since The International 2015 qualifiers have ended and teams had a lot of time to analyze the opponents' performance, as well as their own. Surely, that's exactly what the main event participants are doing together with Wild Card Qualification contestants. Meanwhile, we are continuing our review of the best qualifier games and today we offer you our top 5 pick for the SEA region.


This qualifier were most likely left out in the cold, since the majority of spectators were focused on the European battles. Surprisingly enough, Asian games turned out to be some of the most interesting ones. Teams were proactive and there were more than enough kills and fights in every single game. Overall, this qualifier had the smallest average game length. Two of the fastest games within the qualifier were each less than 15 minutes long.


The biggest thing of the series though is that the winner and the runner-up are two Korean teams from the same organization: Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix, and both will go to The International 2015. It was a remarkable occurrence. So, here are the best games of the SEA qualifier in our opinion.


Philippines Rave vs Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix (group stage, game 1)

First game on the list is a stand between Philippines Rave and Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix, two of the top teams in the region. Many very considering the Fillipino to be the favourite for the qualifier. This game was going to decide who will take the top spot in the group, but teams signed the truce and shared the 1 and the 2 place. This map was memorable due to it's activity, since the teams started to fight even before the creep spawn. The mayhem was going on for the entire game and that's why it rightfully belongs on this list.



Thailand Signature.Trust vs Australia Can't Say Wips (group stage, game 2)

These days Huskar Huskar is not a popular pick at all. More often than not, you can see him in some indecisive games. This time, however, Australia Can't Say Wips fearlessly used their home strategy with this hero in the most important match for the advancement to the play-off. By the wayHuskar Huskar also appeared in the Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix vs Philippines Mineski game, where it also showed his worth. Though, we considered this particular game to be more interesting.



Singapore 5eva vs Philippines Mineski (group stage, game 1)

Third game of our pick might arguably be just the most amazing one. First blood + Rampage! This is remarkable, because it happens extremely rarely on the professional scene. Furthermore, the game was full of interesting moments, which could be potential future highlights. Even though Philippines Mineski earned fantastic advantage at the beginning, one could not tell which team would win the game up until its very end.



Philippines Rave vs Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix (tie-break)

Another matchup between Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix and Philippines Rave. This one has got into our list both for being the only tie-break among all the qualifiers and for being even more interesting than the first game. Philippines Rave were leading almost the entire game, but patience and well-timed moves allowed Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix to comeback and earn themselves a ticket to Seattle. Comeback lovers would definitely enjoy this one.



Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix vs Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix (grand-final, game 4)

Last game of the list is a winning map for Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix, which earned them a slot at the TI5 main event. In this match, "sixes" made a mini-comeback, resulting in one of the most spectacular games in the series. Thus, we couln't help but include it in this article. In turn, Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix finished second, allowing both teams to visit The International 2015 and making China TongFu envious. 


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