TI 2015: Team Secret vs EHOME


The second day of the main event of The International 2015 was full of surprises and disappointment to some of the fans as the young Chinese squad of China EHOME demonstrated how resilient they could be under pressure. No one have even thought that EHOME can even take one game from the western giant International Team Secret, but the way China rOtk drafted he caught Team Secret off guard.




The game one draft for EHOME was mainly revolving around the pick off combo of Storm Spirit, played by China Cty, and Bounty Hunter, played by China LaNm, which Secret tried to counter with Spiritbreaker played by Sweden zai, but all the damage of Secret was single target. The draft looked even until rOtk picked Phoenix for himself that gave a wombo–combo for team fights with Winter Wyvern and Phoenix. The early game was dominated by Secret as they took first blood at first bounty rune. zai kept down the Cty's Storm Spirit from doing any gank during early game which ensured a great laning phase for Arteezy's Shadowfiend so that he was on a killing spree.


It was looking that EHOME's resistance wouldn’t last long but the EHOME wombo-combo worked at the 20 minute mark when both team smoked simultaneously and the fight occurred in the EHOME jungle. The Chinese team won this fight and there was 4K XP swing in their favour. Five minutes after this this fight EHOME won another weird team fight near the Roshpit claiming the agies for China Zyf’s Gyro. These team fights destroyed the early game lead of Secret and with bloodstone completed on Cty’s Storm Spirit the momentum of the game changed completely.


Meanwhile two courier snipes and a purchased gem for Puppey’s Dazzle gave the upper hand to EHOME as the entire map was made dark for Team Secret as the Chinese players got the gem. Therefore Secret was stuck in base. The team fight potential could be witnessed again at  the 43 minute mark when EHOME tried their first high ground push claiming two lane of racks. With no hope remaining Secret tapped out calling GG.





After the surprising game one by EHOME everyone considered it a fluke and Secret might bounce back strongly in game 2. One more loss would result in Secret dropping to the lower bracket so they came up with a balanced early to late game draft. SF and Antimage were picked but rOtk figured out the Secret strategy and countered it with Balanar as the last pick. The second game also started in similar fashion as Secret took first blood again at the same spot of  the top rune, but this time SF was in hands of Sweden s4 and Arteezy was on carry Antimage.


Lanning phase went well for s4, but the things changed with the first night phase as LaNm's Balanar ganked all over the map resulting in killing the Secret cores many times and giving a lot of gold to Cty’s TA and Zyf’s Gyro on their side. With Arteezy’s Antimage lacking farm Secret tried to dodge fights so that AM can get some farm by split pushing but EHOME went for Roshan at the 27 minute mark. With Aegis on the farmed TA of Cty, EHOME went for the high ground push at around 30 minues which resulted in a set of barracks. Meanwhile Arteezy tried to keep up with split pushing lanes. EHOME was so far ahead in farm amd they forced a fight which resulted in four dead heroes of Secret including Antimage. With no hope of coming back Secret called GG at minute 38 of the game with a score of 13-27.



(Author credits: Vijay)

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