The International 2015: Wild Card


Wild Card is the first stage of The International 2015. On the first day of the tournament (26 July) four runner-ups of the regional qualifiers will be fighting over two slots of the main stage of the tournament. The battle will be fierce, much being at stake. The teams are quite powerful, so the matches will be entertaining. Learn more about the participants in our article.

More details about the matches will soon be available. Follow the updates: we are a couple of days away from The International 2015!


  • 26 July



  • double elimination brackets,
  • all the matches — best of 3,
  • two best teams get to the group stage.

Match schedule:

Match schedule:
Time Match
OVER China CDEC Gaming [2:1] Russian Federation Vega Squadron
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [2:1] United States Team Archon
OVER Russian Federation Vega Squadron [2:0] United States Team Archon
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [0:2] China CDEC Gaming 
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [2:1] Russian Federation Vega Squadron


Upper brackets final
2China CDEC Gaming
2ChinaCDEC Gaming
Win China CDEC Gaming
1Russian Federation Vega Squadron
2Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
0Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
1United States Team Archon
 1st round of lower brackets 
Lower brackets final
2 Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
WinKorea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
2Russian Federation Vega Squadron
1 Russian Federation Vega Squadron
0United States Team Archon


Team squads:


United States Team Archon


Ukraine Vega Squadron


Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix


China CDEC Gaming

United States Chris «USH» Usher
United States Steven «Korok» Ashworth
United States Arif «MSS» Anwar
Canada Scott «chad» Jensen
United States Ionnas «Fogged» Loucas
ru Alexey «Solo» Berezin
ua Andrew «Mag~» Chipenko
ua Vladimir «No[o]ne» Minenko
ru Pavel «9pashaebashu» Hvastunov
ua Semen «CemaTheSlayeR» Kryvulia

Korea, Republic of Kim «Febby» Yong-min

Korea, Republic of Kim «QO» Seon-yeob
Australia Damien «kphoenii» Chok
Korea, Republic of Park «March» Tae-won
Singapore Wong «NutZ» Jeng Yih

China Sun «Agressif» Zheng
China Huang «Shiki» Jiwei
China Chen «Xz» Zezhi
China Liu «Garder» Xinzhou
China Fu «Q» Bin


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