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Dota 2 is constantly evolving, with versions changing one another, teams reshuffling and even the whole organizations undergoing changes. Many new players appear on the scene. Some of them manage to achieve astonishing results and become the best of the best. Today we're going to speak about young Russian speaking players, who will participate in The International 2015.

One day will come and the oldies will pack up all their gear and will leave the scen. Some will stay close and become coach, while others will abandon eSports forever to test their luck in other sphere. So in future, the players of the list below might be the top players of the East-European Dota and will continue fighting over the titles and prizes, while sharing their gaming experience with the newcomers.

As of now we're going to tell you about the players, which haven't reached 20 year age, yet they are playing at The International level and will head to Seattle to fight over the prize pool of over 14 000 000 $. Ok. Let's start.

Russian Federation Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev:

Akbar recently joined professional scene. His first experience he obtained in Russian Federation Team Empire, where he played as a stand-in player. Afterwards he joined Belarus Power Rangers, though the team hasn't made any significant achievements while he was its member. Afterwards, Akbar was playing as a support in various leagues for a long time. It was there, where Ukraine XBOCT spotted him and invited to join Na`Vi.

As one of the Born to Win, Russian Federation SoNNeikO begin using his potential at full and developing promptly to much pleasure of the fans. His main heroes are Earthshaker Earthshaker and  Winter Wyvern. He brought many victory with his outstanding playing of these heroes.


Ukraine Ilya "Lil" Ilyuk:


Ilya got to his first pr team almost by chance. He was simply playing rating games with his favorite Visage Visage. Once the fate brought him to one game with Ukraine Goblak, who was seeking people for his team (Nam vezet - mi igraem) at a time. Ilya performed great and was soon invited to Ukraine NVMI. Notwithstanding had almost no experience in professional Dota-scene, Ukraine Lil's persistence and work enabled you to catch up with the others. As per moment this player can now be deemed as one of the best. His capability to react immediately any emerging situation is astonishing. His favorite heroes are Earthshaker Earthshaker, Rubick Rubick and the most favorite Visage Visage.



Belarus Artem "fng" Barshak:


Artem started his professional career in Belarus Power Rangers. The Belarusians managed to make a fair series of the victories, the culmination of which was the championship of Techlabs Cup in May 2014. After Ukraine Na`Vi has lost their captain, it was Belarus fng who became the candidate to replace Estonia Puppey. Unfortunately he didn't manage to become an authority for the old players who had much more experience in pro scene. The players were constantly arguing, and the orders of the captain weren't always obeyed. 

After a reshuffle in Na`Vi Artem was invited to Russian Federation Virtus.pro (Russian Federation Virtus.pro Polar at the moment). He managed to reach the understanding with his new teammates at once. Under the strict guidance of this captain the "bears" managed to win at many tournaments and win a slot at The International 2015. By the time they acquired invitation, Belarus fng managed to show himself as a great captain, whose opinion should be listened to. His picks often puzzle the rivals. For instance Treant Protector Treant Protector played by him has proved that support can have an enormous quantity of items.



Ukraine Ilya "ALOHADANCE" Korobkin:


This is the youngest player on our list. His gaming career began in Russian Federation HellRaisers. However the team almost entirely changed its roster after he had joined it. As concerns the positive events of this period, being a part of the raised from hell, Ilya met Russian Federation yoky, who possible was the one to subsequently invite him to Russian Federation Team Empire.

It is necessary to point out that Ilya had been playing as carry for a long time, before he changed his role to support in his new team. The change of the game role didn't influence him however. He began showing a great level of performance straight in the first official matches. His key heroes are Rubick Rubick, Io Io and Undying Undying. The last makes some miracles when played by Ilya.



Ukraine Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok:


Notwithstanding his young age (18 people), Roman can be construed as an experienced player. He began his way of professional in 2013 at Russian FederationiCCup. By the end of the year he moved to Russian FederationTeam Empire, where he still plays. Unlike many other players of our list UkraineResolut1on plays as mid-laner.

Roman plays very stable. We can hardly point out the match, in which he felt "lost". He knows exactly when and what should be done. Possessing the high level of performance, UkraineResolut1on will be able to become a fair replacement for one of the legendary players in future. His best performed heroes are Puck Puck, Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend, Magnus Magnus.



UkraineVladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko:


The player became widely known due to Russian Federation Vega Squadron. The guys managed to win great number of online-tournaments and managed to take the second place at European qualifiers of The International 2015, which provided them a slot at Wild Cards. Before joining Vega, Vladimir used to play in various amateur teams. He's been fond of Dota for 3 years. He acts as a mid-laner.

Notwithstanding, that Vladimir sometimes makes mistakes in the games against more experienced players, his potential is enormous. He learns quick and tries not to repeat his mistakes in the next game, as if he remembered some specific peculiarities of his rivals. His extremely aggressive game style helps his team achieve the advantage in the beginning and finish the game asap. His hero pool is very big. It sometimes seems he can play any of the heroes. However his key heroes are Puck Puck, Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend and Storm Spirit Storm Spirit.



This is it. We've told you about the young East European players. I hope you enjoyed the reading! Next time we'll write about the young players of other teams, participating in The International 2015. Follow our updates! The article will be published the next week!

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