TI 2015 youngest players: star-trio


They are young. They are ambitious. They are extraordinarily skillful. They are the youngest participants of The International 2015. Yesterday they were just ordinary teens, today they are known all over the world with thousands of fans supporting them. They don't need to be introduce since the cups they've won speak for themselves.

Canada Arthur "Arteezy" Babaev


This is one of the most wanted player in contemporary Dota 2. He first "twinkled" in 2013 as a member of International Kaipi. There he even managed to play with Canada EternalEnVy and the guys, who later changed their tag to International RattleSnake.int. From the very first matches Arthur proved he's a worthy foe and great ally. However, the parents of Canada Arteezy weren't that impressed with their sun's hobby. As a result the talented player began spending more time studying instead of playing Dota 2. However, he never forgot about his favorite game. In late 2013 he was invited by Canada EternalEnVy to perform as a stand-in player at MLG Championship Columbus LAN-tournament, since one of the International Speed Gaming players couldn't come to the event. Arthur agreed. And it was a win! Not only did his team perform well, but it also won the championship, having defeated a very strong team at the time - China Team DK in the grand final. Canada Arteezy become known after this tournament.

In 2014 Arthur finished his studying and was ready to spent all the time playing Dota 2. He got his lucky chance soon: United States ppd and Sweden Zai left International Super Strong Dinosaurs and, upon uniting with Canada ArteezyUnited States Fear and United States UNiVeRsE, founded a new team United States S A D B O Y S. The team achieved results quickly: they won ESP Shock Therapy Cup, having defeated Team Empire 3:0 in the final. The success of the young team was spotted by many organizations. Soon United States S A D B O Y S joined United States Evil Geniuses.


Being part of United States Evil Geniuses, Canada Arteezy began his way of success, which still goes on. The legendary squad won many trophies. It sometimes seemed that this team is practically unstoppable. Each part of the team was unique and unchangeable. Due to the constant trainings Arthur was prominent for his high level of micro-control. If he chose a hero, his rivals knew for sure, that he'd played it enormous quantity of games. His performances on Windranger Windranger, Lycan Lycan и Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend astonished! Arthur's play was an example for many newcomers. 

However, one moment United States Evil Geniuses faced troubles. The players had discrepancies. Not everyone shared the captain's (United States ppd) vision of the game. Similar things were happening in же что-то подобное наблюдалось и у International Team Secret. Seeking to return the lost stability, Estonia Puppey invited Arthur to his team. Canada Arteezy wasn't thinking for too long and transfered to another team along with Sweden Zai

Arthur had to change his role and became carry. Many people took it skeptically. However, as per moment we can surely say that Canada Arteezy feels great in this role. He's now deemed to be the world's best carry. We won't event try to argue. International Team Secret is currently at the tops of all Dota 2 ratings and they are the main favorite of The International 2015. 



Sweden Ludwig "Zai" Wahlberg


This is another player who proved he's to be treated seriously notwithstanding his young age. Ludwig used to play Heroes of the Newerth and played in one team with Sweden Mynuts and Sweden Limmp (the names are now widely known). He won his first grand victory at the age of 14! In 2012 he was acknowledged the best player of the year. However, the discipline was slowly dying, being pushed off the market by Dota 2 and League of Legends. In the end of 2013 Sweden Zai decided to pay his attention to Dota 2, since it was almost identical to HoN.  


Dota-community first heard Ludwig's name when he played in United States Stay Free (in 2013). The team achieved no significant successes and soon underwent reshuffles. For Sweden Zai this experience was very positive, since he met United States ppd in this team. He continued his path to the eSports top with ppd. Next Ludwig's team - International Super Strong Dinosaurs - wasn't remarkable for its results. Their greatest achievement was the second place at Bigpoint Battle #8, where they were defeated by United States Evil Geniuses 0:2. Sweden Zai was unlikely to think at the time, that he would become widely known in the world as a part of evil geniuses. After dinosaurs disbanded, United States ppd along with Sweden Zai founded a new team - United States S A D B O Y S. They invited Canada ArteezyUnited States UNiVeRsE and United States Fear. After a number of successes the five was aqcuired by United States Evil Geniuses.

Playing support's role, Sweden Zai always acted reasonably. He obeyed United States ppd, who acted as a tutor for Ludwig in EG. The young player was gaining experience at the time. After some time he began acting more freely and could often alone oppose several rivals. As a support he acted technically and was tactically wise.

Afterwards, as it was mentioned above, Ludwig was lured by Canada Arteezy to International Team Secret. It's amazing, but he also had to change his role and became hardlaner, which is a more serious change. The game of hardlaner and support differ substantially. Nevertheless, as many eSportsmen say, a pro player must feel free in any role. This is very true about Sweden Zai. From the very first matches he showed an ability to act very aggressively. With Bristleback Bristleback or Broodmother Broodmother, he can alone grasp the attention of all the rival's heroes, providing the space for Canada Arteezy's actions. We can be sure that Sweden Zai is one of the best hardlaners of contemporary Dota.



Pakistan Said Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan


The story of Sumail can be compared to that of Ukraine Lil. He simply was in the right place in the right time. After Canada Arteezy ans Sweden Zai left United States Evil Geniuses, the team simply needed the players to replace them. United States UNiVeRsE was playing in American League in his spare time. There he met Sumail, who demonstrated great performance in the games. EG requiring the replacement asap, they decided to risk and invited Sumail to join the squad. That's how his story began. He became a player, who managed to achieve attention and support of large audience. 


The reason for Pakistan SumaiL's popularity is that he's young and talented. He does some fantastic things in the midlane in every game. A player that would like to stand against his in the battles is hard to find. Sumail has much energy, supported by a high level of individual skill. These make him a fearsome rival for any experienced professional.

Sumail's main problem is his teen's arrogance. Encouraged by the battle he can ran up to the rival's base chasing his aim. Such actions can be both advantageous and disadvantageous for the team. However, supported by United StatesUNiVeRsE, he can manage this problem. Notwithstanding Pakistan SumaiL performs very well now, his potential is still very big! If he continues playing Dota 2, he'll most likely stay in the list of the world's most powerful pro players for a very long time. His name will sound at many The Internationals in the future. 

Well, United States Evil Geniuses has good chances to win this year's TI.



This is it for now. Next time we'll move to China and South-East Asia to look for young talents. Meet you next week!


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#1 sk Ahimtar 7 July 2015, 12:12
Zai didn't meet ppd in Stay Free, he was playing with ppd since mid 2013 in Team USA for a few seasons of Hontour. They transferred to dota together as a team with only minor changes.
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#2 sk Ahimtar 7 July 2015, 12:17
Also, his "change of role to hard lane" was not actually a change of role, it was a return to his main role he always used to play. He only swapped to Support for Sadboys/EG. If you want to praise his versatility, praise that.
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