Win Dragonclaw Hook!


We have some exciting news for those of you wishing to win some prizes! Of course, the most important thing about being a fan is to support your favorite team. But you must agree that cheering and winning awesome stuff at the same time is a whole new level of cool! Thanks to UkraineNa`Vi and EgaminBets’ cooperation, a lot of lucky fans will get a chance to win amazing prizes, including Dragonclaw Hook, Manifold Paradox, Demon Eater, Perceptions of the Eternal Mind and a lot more! Here’s a link to the giveaway:


Картинки по запросу Perceptions of the Eternal Mind Картинки по запросу Dragonclaw Hook Картинки по запросу Demon Eater     Картинки по запросу Manifold Paradox   


The only things you need to do in order to take part are to place bets on TI5 matches and keep your fingers crossed! The minimal bet is $ 1, which is not a lot considering the fact that you can win Dragonclaw Hook or Perceptions of the Eternal Mind as well as make some money on your bets themselves.  

The more you bet — the higher your chances are! Also, note that your chances do not depend on the amount of money you spend, so you can win without risking anything at all!


Try your luck here:


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